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Journal of Education and Learning (EduLearn) ISSN: 2089-9823, e-ISSN 2302-9277 is a multi-disciplinary, peer-refereed open-access international journal which has been established for the dissemination of state-of-the-art knowledge in the field of education, teaching, development, instruction, educational projects and innovations, learning methodologies and new technologies in education and learning. This journal is now ACCREDITED (recognised) by the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education, Republic of Indonesia (RISTEKDIKTI, Decree No: 60/E/KPT/2016) and in the final phase of the Scopus evaluation process. We are now waiting for the final decision of our Content Selection & Advisory Board (CSAB), Scopus, Elsevier.

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EduLearnwelcomes research articles from academics, educators, teachers, trainers and other practitioners on all aspects of education and learning to publish high quality papers. Papers for publication in this journal are selected through precise peer-review to ensure quality, originality, appropriateness, significance and readability. The journal encompasses a variety of topics of education and learning, including but not limited to child development, curriculum, reading comprehension, philosophies of education, STEM education, instructional technology, technology education, inquiry-based learning, project-based learning, problem-based learning, simulation-based learning, pedagogic and educational approaches, learning management, language teaching researches, teaching and learning at all levels of schooling and institutions of higher learning, the education of special groups, gender and education, theories of education, educational research and methodologies, educational psychology (emotional, social, and cognitive learning processes), e-learning, Computer supported collaborative Work, emerging technologies in education, educational software & serious games, e-content management and development, general issues in education and learning, contributions to current debates in teacher education throughout the world, generally or on specific issues, etc.

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EduLearn Call for Papers 2016-2017

Journal of Education and Learning (EduLearn) Call for Papers 2016-2017

We invite you to submit your paper to EduLear. Papers submission deadlines:

Vol.10 No.4 Nov 2016, submission deadline: 10 Aug 2016
Vol.11 No.1 Feb 2017, submission deadline: 10 Nov 2016
Vol.11 No.2 May 2017, submission deadline: 10 Feb 2017
Vol.11 No.3 Aug 2017, submission deadline: 10 May 2017

Papers published in the three-monthly journal (Feb, May, Aug, and Nov):
(1) report evaluation and research findings;
(2) treat conceptual and methodological issues; and/or
(3) consider the implications of the above for action; and/or
(4) an extensive book reviews section and also occasional reports on educational materials and equipment.

Submit your manuscripts today! (in English) through our online system, or submit your papers via email: edulearn[at]

The authors should refer to the EduLearn journal for writing format and style. Submitted papers are evaluated by anonymous referees for contribution, originality, relevance, and presentation. The Editor shall inform you of the results of the review as soon as possible, hopefully in 6 weeks.
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Vol 11, No 2: May 2017

Table of Contents

Extensive Reading in Action: Voices from the Grounds
Dzulfikri Dzulfikri, Ali Saukah
Evaluating Teaching Strategies in Higher Education from Students’ Perspectives
Amani K Alghamdi, Fatma Kayan, Abdulghanni Hattami
The Strategies to Improve Social Solidarity of Senior High School Students through History Module Based on Problems
Novita Mujiyati, Warto Warto, Leo Agung
What’s in a Name? Student Pharmacists’ Novel Extracurricular Process of Drug Therapy Reinforcement
Kenric B. Ware
The Effectiveness of Module Based on Discovery Learning to Increase Generic Science Skills
Elok Norma Khabibah, Mohammad Masykuri, Maridi Maridi
Headmaster Technology Leadership in Malaysia Elementary Schools
Ai Yieng Wong, Khadijah Daud
Empowering Non-Formal Education Policy on Life Skills and Its Implications on People Welfare
Moh. Alifuddin
Investigating Plagiarism: The Form and The Motivation in Performing Plagiarism in High Education
S Sariffuddin, Khristiana Dwi Astuti, Riyan Arthur
Means-Ends Analysis and Value Clarification Technique as Integration Media of Local Wisdom Values in History Learning to Increase Social Solidarity
Yudi Pratama, Sariyatun Sariyatun, Hermanu Joebagio
Awareness, Knowledge, Proficiency, Training and Expertise of Public Elementary School Teachers in Tacloban City on Education for Sustainable Development
Generoso Nielo Mazo
Online Community Learning: Why Does (Language) Learning without Classroom Interest Students of All Disciplines? A Case Study
Arul Prabaharan Gaspar
The National Standardized Test Policy for English Subject: Students’ Perception
Amirul Mukminin, Putri Ayu Lestary, Akhmad Habibi, Robi Hendra, Robin Pratama
Examining Model Development of Physics Learning through Multi-intelligence to Nurture Autonomous Learners
Zainuddin Zainuddin, Alimuddin Mahmud, Muris Muris
The Using of Scientific Based Physics Module in Learning to Enhance High School Students’ Critical Thinking Skills on Rotation Dynamics and Equilibrium of Rigid Body
Dhimas Nur Setyawan, Nonoh Siti Aminah, Sarwanto Sarwanto