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Journal of Education and Learning (EduLearn) ISSN: 2089-9823, e-ISSN 2302-9277 is a multi-disciplinary, peer-refereed open-access international journal which has been established for the dissemination of state-of-the-art knowledge in the field of education, teaching, development, instruction, educational projects and innovations, learning methodologies and new technologies in education and learning. This journal is now ACCREDITED (recognised) by the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education, Republic of Indonesia (RISTEKDIKTI, Decree No: 60/E/KPT/2016) and is under consideration for inclusion (indexing) in Scopus.

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EduLearn welcomes research articles from academics, educators, teachers, trainers and other practitioners on all aspects of education and learning to publish high quality papers. Papers for publication in this journal are selected through precise peer-review to ensure quality, originality, appropriateness, significance and readability. The journal encompasses a variety of topics of education and learning, including but not limited to child development, curriculum, reading comprehension, philosophies of education, STEM education, instructional technology, technology education, inquiry-based learning, project-based learning, problem-based learning, simulation-based learning, pedagogic and educational approaches, learning management, language teaching researches, teaching and learning at all levels of schooling and institutions of higher learning, the education of special groups, gender and education, theories of education, educational research and methodologies, educational psychology (emotional, social, and cognitive learning processes), e-learning, Computer supported collaborative Work, emerging technologies in education, educational software & serious games, e-content management and development, general issues in education and learning, contributions to current debates in teacher education throughout the world, generally or on specific issues, etc.

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Vol 14, No 1: February 2020

List of Accepted paper

Table of Contents

Quality assurance mechanisms and universal basic education goal achievement in public secondary schools of Kwara State, Nigeria
Omosidi Abdulrahman Sayuti, Atolagbe Adedapo Adetiba, Muritala Abdulyaqin Tukur, Lawal Abdulmumin Abubakar
Principals’ instructional time management and students’ academic performance in secondary schools in Ondo North Senatorial District of Ondo State, Nigeria
Adeolu Joshua Ayeni
Training Programme Impact in Improving the Working Memory of Students with Learning Disabilities in Reading Arabic
Khalid Mohammad Aljundi
Problem based learning to increase competence of critical thinking and problem solving
Tri Murhanjati Sholihah, Badraningsih Lastariwati
The teaching of health education as a secondary school subject in Bayelsa State, Nigeria
Joy-Telu Hamilton-Ekeke, Akpoebi Clement Egumu, Idisape Inengite
The contribution of placement school practical experiences to prospective teachers’ multicultural competence development: Ethiopian secondary schools in focus
Solomon Melesse, Dawit Mekonnen
Feasibility test application of information systems in the media as a learning in vocational school
Jumiyanto Widodo, Sutaryadi Sutaryadi, Chairul Huda Atma Dirgatama, Arif Wahyu Wirawan
Reading inequities by the economic status of texas grade 3 English language learners: A Texas, multiyear analysis
Gideon D Schleeter, John R. Slate, George W Moore, Frederick C Lunenburg
Learning innovation through biopreneurship to improve the interest of entrepreneurs of Madrasah Aliyah students based on boarding school
Deden Ibnu Aqil, Adeng Hudaya, Lusiana Wulansari
Cognitive process dimension in K-13 e-textbooks for 4th grade students
Arif Wiyat Purnanto, Putri Meinita Triana, Laili Etika Rahmawati
Inculcating Islamic values contented in Qs. Luqman through English speaking materials
Muhammad Zuhri Anshari, Agus Widyantoro
Language Development and Acquisition in Early Childhood
Salwa Al-Harbi
Digital literacy scale of English pre-service teachers and their perceived readiness toward the application of digital technologies
Khaira Liza, Erna Andriyanti
Human resource management motivational strategies for enhancing business educators’ job performance in tertiary institutions in Edo and Delta states, Nigeria
Robinson Osarumwense Owenvbiugie, Roseline Efosa Ekhaise
The development of inclusive education management model: Practical guidelines for learning in inclusive school
Iva Evry Robiyansah, Mudjito Mudjito, Murtadlo Murtadlo
Quality control measures and student output in university of uyo and university of Calabar
Ekaette Emenike Iroegb, Eno Etudor-Eyo
Internal locus of control and entrepreneurial intention: A study on vacational high school students
Fatwa Tentama, Fakhri Abdussalam
Sociolinguistics perspectives on gender patterns in Instagram
Sri Yuliani, Arimuliani Ahmad, Ikel Srinoviati
Game based learning for safety and security education
Ge Jin, Shoji Nakayama, Manghui Tu