Vol 10 No 2 June 2021

This issue has been available online since 1 June 2021. All articles in this issue (12 original research articles) were authored/co-authored by 37 authors from 15 affiliations and 3 countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, and  Finland)

Table of Contents


Using the Job Demands-Resources Model to Predict Job Satisfaction of Employees in Indonesia PDF
Amirah Widia Adiarti, Dimyati Dimyati 155-174
Sedentary Screen Time as a Coping Strategy of Distance Learning-induced Distress during COVID-19 Pandemic PDF
Ghea Mangkuliguna, Mahaputra Mahaputra, Veronika Maria Sidharta, Linawati Hananta 175-196
The Role of Religiosity and Spiritual Meaningfullness towards Cyberbullying Behavior PDF
Triantoro Safaria, Khoiruddin Bashori 197-208
Counting Blessing: The Effect of Gratitude Training on Prosocialness among Teachers in Inclusive School PDF
ika febrian kristiana, Erin Ratna Kustanti, Salma Salma 209-228
Internal Validation of the Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale:Rasch Analysis in the Indonesian Context PDF
Dimas Aryo Wicaksono, Adiyo Roebianto, Bambang Sumintono 229-248
A Content Analysis of Career Adaptability Among Marine Cadet PDF
Wiwik Sulistiani, Dewi Retno Suminar, Wiwin Hendriani, Suryanto Suryanto 249-274
The Role of Knowledge and Attitude of Regular Students to Acceptance toward Special Educational Needs PDF
Sheila Putri Fajrianti, Margaretha Purwanti 275-289
Perceived Organizational Support, OCB and Creative Behaviour among Millennial Generation Start-up Employees PDF
erika setyanti kusumaputri, sitta Puteri Kumalasari, Sabiqotul Husna 290-317
Perceived ethnic discrimination and school connectedness among adolescents in Finland: Role of family background and sex PDF
Isik Zeliha Ulubas, Kaj Björkqvist, Patrik Söderberg 318-338
Mental Healthy Literacy of Teachers: a Systematic Literature Review PDF
Padmi Dhyah Yulianti, Endang Retno Surjaningrum, Dwi Yuwono Puji Sugiharto, Nurul Hartini 339-350
Why am I Doing My Thesis? An Explorative Study on Factors of Undergraduate Thesis Performance in Indonesia PDF
Surya Cahyadi, Miryam Wedyaswari, Erna Susiati, Rasni Adha Yuanita 351-375
Dark Triad Personality as Predictor of Corrupt Intention on the State Civil Apparatus PDF
Widya Wijaya Kusuma Putri, Yusti Probowati Rahayu, Ajuni Arunima 376-383