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Journal of Educational, Health, and Community Psychology (JEHCP) published an article and empirical study that have originality, novelty and fill the gap of knowledge, that focused on educational psychology, health psychology and community psychology for the International academic community. JEHCP is an open access peer reviewed, multidisciplinary journal that publishes quality studies related to psychology. JEHCP is interdisciplinary in approach and includes reports of qualitative case studies, quantitative experiments and surveys, mixed-method studies, action researches, meta-analyses, and discussions of conceptual and methodological issues.  The field of educational psychology includes the effectiveness of educational interventions, the psychology of teaching, and the social psychology of schools as organizations, motor skills, and other psycho-physiological processes; cognitive development involving areas such as problem-solving, language acquisition; social, personality, and emotional development; self-concept and identity formation. The field of Health Psychology includes the stress-related illnesses, the health coping strategy, resiliency,  work on health attitudes and behavior, health locus of control, quality of life in chronic disease, influence of emotion on health and health-related behaviors, psychological interventions in health and disease as well as psychological aspects of prevention. The field of Community Psychology includes research, evaluation, assessment and intervention, and review articles that deal with human behavior in community settings. Articles of interest include descriptions and evaluations of service programs and projects, studies of youth, parenting, and family development, methodology and design for work in the community, the interaction of groups in the larger community, and criminals and corrections. ISSN 2088 3219 (Print)/ISSN 2460 8467 (online).


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Posted: 2018-09-05
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Vol 9 No 3 September 2020

This issue has been available online since 18th September 2020. All articles in this issue (12 original research articles) were authored/co-authored by 32 authors from 14 affiliations and 4 countries (Indonesia, Iran, Finland, and France)

Table of Contents


A Bilingual Identity-oriented Taxonomy of Nonlinear Dynamic Motivational Strategies PDF
Akbar Bahari 196-204
How Role Conflict and Leadership Style can Affect Job Satsfaction among Community Health Service Workers in Indonesia PDF
Rina Anindita, Tofan Tofan 205-225
Parenting in Digital Era: a Systematic Literature Review PDF
Enjang Wahyuningrum, Suryanto Suryanto, Dewi Retno Suminar 226-258
Do Fear of Missing-out Mediated by Social Media Addiction Influence Academic Motivation Among Emerging Adulthood? PDF
Rahma Widyana, Santi Esterlita Purnamasari 259-275
English Teachers in France and Facebook: Use and Professional Growth PDF
karine LONGIS MCMILLAN 276-299
Investigation of the Relationships among Narcissism, Humanity, Interpersonal Control Perception and Envy in Male and Female Employees PDF
simin Zeqeibighannad, Shahid Chamran, Sahar Hesami 300-311
Theoretical Study of Flourishing: The Role of Perceived Stress, Social Support, and Coping Strategy PDF
Handy Satria Yudha, Siti Urbayatun 312-330
Outdoor Motivational Training and Discussion to Improve Adolescents’ Knowledge and Attitudes towards SmokingOutdoor Motivational Training and Discussion to Improve Adolescents’ Knowledge and Attitudes towards Smoking PDF
Ika Fidianingsih 331-344
Workplace Harassment and Political Participation among Representatives to the Union Parishads in Bangladesh PDF
Imdadul Haque Talukdar, Karin Österman, Kaj Björkqvist 345-361
Determinant of Coparenting Behavior in Intact Family: a Literature Review PDF
Dewi Ilma Antawati, Wiwin Hendriani, Duta Nurdibyanandaru 362-386
Social Support for Success of Medication in Patients with TB MDR in Rumah Sakit Paru Dr. Ario Wirawan Salatiga, Central Java PDF
Harni Seyla Anugerahni 389-399
Volunteering: A Study of Psychological Attribute Related to Indonesian Emerging Adult Volunteer Motivation PDF
Sugiarti Agus Musabiq, Adisya Adisya, Adrianisa Kamila Shabrina, Aviva Lutfiana, Bianda Retno Widyani, Daeng Azizah Rahmatia, Mugi Silih Mulyadi, Rayhanni Rahman, Mutiara Sintesana Prasetyo 400-425
Retraction Notice to “The Role of Positive Emotion as a Mediator between Psychological Capital and Work Engagement” [Journal of Educational, Health and Community Psychology, 2019, 8(2), 85-104] PDF
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