Journal of Educational, Health and Community Psychology

Journal of Educational, Health, and Community Psychology (JEHCP) published an article and empirical study that have originality, novelty, and fills the gap of knowledge, that focused on positive educational psychology, clinical health psychology, and community psychology for the International academic community that directly or indirectly contribute to human wellbeing. JEHCP is an open-access peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary journal that publishes quality studies related to psychology. JEHCP is interdisciplinary in approach and includes reports of qualitative case studies, quantitative experiments and surveys, mixed-method studies, action research, meta-analyses, and discussions of conceptual and methodological issues. The field of Positive Educational Psychology includes the effectiveness of educational interventions, the psychology of teaching, and the social psychology of schools as organizations, motor skills, and other psycho-physiological processes; cognitive development involving areas such as problem-solving, language acquisition; social, personality, and emotional development; self-concept and identity formation. The field of Clinical Health Psychology includes stress-related illnesses, the health coping strategy, resiliency, work on health attitudes and behavior, health locus of control, quality of life in chronic disease, the influence of emotion on health and health-related behaviors, psychological interventions in health and disease as well as psychological aspects of prevention. The field of Community Psychology includes research, evaluation, assessment and intervention, and review articles that deal with human behavior in community settings. Articles of interest include descriptions and evaluations of service programs and projects, studies of youth, parenting, and family development, methodology and design for work in the community, the interaction of groups in the larger community, and criminals and corrections. ISSN 2088 3219 (Print)/ISSN 2460 8467 (online).

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Journal titleJournal of Educational, Health, and Community Psychology
Frequency4 issues per year (March, June, September, December)
Type of ReviewDouble-Blind Review
Print ISSN2088-3219
Online ISSN2460-8467
Editor-in-chiefTriantoro Safaria. Ph.D.
PublisherUniversitas Ahmad Dahlan
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Vol 13 No 1 March 2024

Table of Contents


Did Trust in Government Induce the Impact of Loneliness and Self-Control on Student’s Compliance during Social Restriction Implementation? A moderator analysis PDF
Rahmadianty Gazadinda, Mia Fattah Rizki, Rayi Hamam Azka, Erin Andriani Putri, Margareta Damayanti, Fajar Wahyu Utomo 1-22
Digital Module with the SFBC Approach to Increase the Self Esteem of Cyberbullying Victims PDF
Yuliani Pertiwi, Yeni Karneli 23-43
Exploration of Altruistic Behavior in Early Adult Volunteers: A Phenomenological Study PDF
Dita Noor Fadhilah, Rin Widya Agustin 44-57
The Effectiveness of Resiliency Training on Academic Stress and Psychological Well-Being PDF
Risky Nurlita Maylinda, Rahmi Lubis, Rahmi Lubis, Yudhistira Fauzy Indrawan, Yudhistira Fauzy Indrawan 58-76
Enhancing Students' Self-Confidence via Guided Inquiry and Information Services Intervention PDF
Faris Abdurrahman, Neviyarni Suhaili, Firman Firman, Dina Sukma 77-90
The Role of Psychological Capital and Readiness for Change in Rural Tourism: A Phenomenological Study PDF
Hana Angriyani Mardika, Bambang Suharto, Dimas Novian Syahputra 91-113
Dissociative Symptoms Among Individuals Affected by Mass Psychogenic Illness: A Study on the Indonesian Island of Nias PDF
Michael Seno Rahardanto, Jaka Santosa Sudagijono, Johannes Dicky Susilo, Simon Simon, Nurul Hartini, Rahkman Ardi 114-132
Psychoeducational Film Intervention with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to Enhance Secure Attachment of Students towards Parents PDF
Siti Rahmah Tursina, Firman Firman 133-151
The Role of Social Media on Subjective Well-Being of Adolescents: a Systematic Literature Review PDF
Ismira Dewi, Taufik Kasturi, Eny Purwandari 152-169
Parent-Child Relationship and Smartphone Addiction: The Role of Self-Control and Fear of Missing Out as Mediators PDF
Maria Helena Suprapto, Setiasih Setiasih, Ide Bagus Siaputra 170-200
Struggle Outside Jails: Scoping Review of Impacts and Resiliency Among Children of Incarcerated Parents PDF
Ghina Syauqila, Dian Veronika Sakti Kaloeti 201-224
What Do They Do with Their Phones? Teens' Smartphone Use Behavior Post Covid-19 Pandemic PDF
Dewi Ilma Antawati, Rinanti Resmadewi, Dafa Revrison Muttaqien 225-241
Not Too Involved but Really Care: Father’s Acceptance Who Have Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) PDF
Nailul Fauziah, Suryanto Suryanto, Endang Sri Indrawati 242-263
Guiding the Path: Exploring the Contribution of Career-Specific Parenting Practices on Career Decision Self-Efficacy among Vocational High School Students PDF
Candra Metta Citro, Ni Putu Adelia Kesumaningsari, Yuan Yovita Setiawan 264-286
Measuring Cyberbullying Levels among Adolescents in Integrated Islamic Junior High Schools in Jambi City: An Implementation of the Rasch Model PDF
Riska Amalya Nasution, Meinarisa Meinarisa, Ilham Falani 287-302
Family Support System and Psychological Well Being in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease PDF
Merry Tiyas Anggraini, Asyam Baihaqi Alif Antoni, Chamim Faizin, Aisyah Lahdji 303-323