Vol 14, No 4

December 2016

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12928/telkomnika.v14i4

Table of Contents

Numerical Investigation of A New Junctionless Phototransistor for High-Performance and Ultra-Low Power Infrared Communication Applications PDF
H. Ferhati, Faycal Djeffal, T. Bentercia 1213-1216
Power Synthesis of Mask-Constrained Shaped Beams Through Maximally-Sparse Planar Arrays PDF
Andrea Francesco Morabito 1217-1219
Chaos-Enhanced Cuckoo Search for Economic Dispatch with Valve Point Effects PDF
M. W. Mustafa, Abdirahman M. Abdilahi, M. Mustapha 1220-1227
Analysis of Transmission Lightning Arrester Locations Using Tflash PDF
M. I. Jambak, Z. Nawawi, R.F. Kurnia, Z. Buntat, M. A. B. Sidik, Y. Z. Arief, A. A. Wahab, Z. Ramli, M. E. Ramly 1228-1234
Evaluation of Residential Grid-Connected Photovoltaic System as the Potential Energy Source in Malaysia
S. S. Abd Wahid, Z. Nawawi, M. I. Jambak, Y. Z. Arief, M. A. B. Sidik, M. W. Mustafa, Z. Adzis 1235-1241
Novel Design of LLC Resonant Converter with Peak Gain Adjustment PDF
P. Kowstubha, K. Krishnaveni, K. Ramesh Reddy 1242-1252
Optimal Modulation Algorithm for Hybrid Clamped Three-Level Inverter PDF
Yi Liu, Guojun Tan, Xiaoqun He 1253-1262
Design of Single-Stage Flyback PFC Converter for LED Driver PDF
Wang Qi, Wu Jie, Baohua Lang 1263-1268
A Modelling and Simulation of a Sensorless Control of Five-phase PMSM Drives using Multi-dimension Space Vector Modulation
Kamel Saleh, Mark Sumner 1269-1283
Fault Diagnosis in Medium Voltage Drive Based on Combination of Wavelet transform and Support Vector Machine PDF
Xudong Cao, Shaozhe Zhou, Jingze Li, Shaohua Zhang 1284-1291
Implementation and Analysis of Reversible logic Based Arithmetic Logic Unit PDF
Shaveta Thakral, Dipali Bansal, S.K. Chakarvarti 1292-1298
A Soft Error Study on Tri-gate based FinFET and Junctionless-FinFET 6T SRAM Cell – A Comparison
P Chitra, S Ravi, V N Ramakrishnan 1299-1306
Multichannel Data Aquisition System for Monitoring Supercapacitor Module And Cells
Nirwan Syarif, Assaidah Assaidah 1307-1312
Laser-Induced Color Marking of Titanium Alloy PDF
Li Chunling, Lu Changhou 1313-1320
Particle Filtering Approach for GNSS RAIM and FPGA Implementation PDF
Ershen Wang, Fuxia Yang, Gang Tong, Pingping Qu, Tao Pang 1321-1328
Implementation of Innovative Technologies in the Fields of Electronic Locks PDF
Štefan Koprda, Martin Magdin 1329-1337
Enhanced Antenna Design for Rectenna Application in the 2.45 GHz ISM Band PDF
Sharif Ahmed, Zahriladha Zakaria, Mohd Nor Husain, Azahari Salleh, Ammar Alhegazi 1338-1344
Rectangular Patch Antenna Array for Radar Application PDF
Yudi Yuliyus Maulana, Yuyu Wahyu, Folin Oktafiani, Yussi Perdana Saputra, Arie Setiawan 1345-1350
Optically Switched Frequency for Reconfigurable Dipole Antenna Using Photodiode Switches PDF
Erna Risfaula Kusumawati, Yono Hadi Pramono, Agus Rubiyanto 1351-1355
Least Mean Error Algorithm for Determining the Radome Dimension of Planar Antenna PDF
Adya Pramudita, Yuyu Wahyu 1356-1361
Interleaved reception method for restored vector quantization image PDF
Iman Elawady, Abdelmounaim Moulay Lakhdar, Mustapha Khelifi 1362-1367
Energy Efficient Error Rate Optimization Transmission in Wireless Sensor Network PDF
Sharada K A, Siddaraju Siddaraju 1368-1375
Non-binary LDPC Decoder Design over Rayleigh Channel for FPGA Implementation
Zhongxun Wang, Juan Hui 1376-1382
Binary LDPC Codes Decoding Algorithm Based on MRF and FPGA Implementation PDF
Zhongxun Wang, Wenqiang Wu 1383-1389
Multi-Stage Partial Parallel Interference Cancellation Algorithm for MUSA Systems PDF
Yan Liang, Han Wu, Guangyu Wang 1390-1396
A Practical Coordinated Trajectory Tracking for A Group of Mixed Wheeled Mobile Robots with Communication Delays PDF
Sisdarmanto Adinandra, Dwi Ana Ratnawari 1397-1407
Planning and Coordination in Hierarchies of Intelligent Dynamic Systems PDF
Alexander Yakovlevich Fridman 1408-1416
Novel Smart Fuzzy Controller Based Separation Efficiency Model for Centrifugation
M. S. Salim, Naseer Sabri, Noaman M. Noaman, S. Fouad 1417-1423
Digital Image Watermarking Algorithm Using the Intermediate Frequency PDF
Hong-an Li, Zhanli Li, Zhuoming Du, Qi Wang 1424-1431
Novel DV-hop Method Based on Krill Swarm Algorithm Used for Wireless Sensor Network Localization PDF
Yang Sun, Shoulin Yin, Jie Liu 1438-1445
Audio Spike Detection on Gamelan using Envelope Shape Pattern Analysis PDF
Solekhan Solekhan, Yoyon K Suprapto, Wirawan Wirawan 1432-1437
Water Quality Monitoring with Fuzzy Logic Control based on Graphical Programming PDF
Mochammad Hannats Hanafi Ichsan, Wijaya Kurniawan, Miftahul Huda 1446-1453
Research on Batch Scheduling in Cloud Computing PDF
Jiao Jintao, Yu Wensen, Guo Lei 1454-1461
Supervised Entity Tagger for Indonesian Labor Strike Tweets using Oversampling Technique and Low Resource Features PDF
Ayu Purwarianti, Lisa Madlberger, Mochammad Ibrahim 1462-1471
Email Classification Using Adaptive Ontologies Learning PDF
Suma T, Kumara Swamy Y S 1472-1479
Multi Features Content-Based Image Retrieval Using Clustering And Decision Tree Algorithm PDF
Kusrini Kusrini, M. Dedi Iskandar, Ferry Wahyu Wibowo 1480-1492
Exudate and Blood Vessel Feature Extraction in Diabetic Retinopathy Patients using Morphology Operation PDF
Siswo Wardoyo, Anggoro Suryo Pramudyo, Erika Diana Rizanti, Imamul Muttakin 1493-1501
SVM Parameter Optimization using Grid Search and Genetic Algorithm to Improve Classification Performance PDF
Iwan Syarif, Adam Prugel-Bennett, Gary Wills 1502-1509
Research on Identification Method of Anonymous Fake Reviews in E-commerce PDF
Lizhen Liu, Xinlei Zhao, Hanshi Wang, Wei Song, Chao Du 1510-1520
Examining the Security Issues of Automated Teller Machine Based on Revised Technology Acceptance Model PDF
Aida Fitriyani, Sfenrianto Sfenrianto, Gunawan Wang, Aries Susanto 1521-1526
Paper-based Verification Design of Trade Business License in Indonesia PDF
Pizaini Pizaini, Sugi Guritman, Heru Sukoco 1527-1533
A Methodology for Characterizing Real-Time Multimedia Quality of Service in Limited Bandwidth Network PDF
Yoanes Bandung, Idi Sumardi 1534-1544
The Optimal High Performance Computing Infrastructure for Solving High Complexity Problem PDF
Yuliant Sibaroni, Fitriyani Fitriyani, Fhira Nhita 1545-1551
An Optimized Model for MapReduce Based on Hadoop PDF
Zhang Hong, Wang Xiao-ming, Cao Jie, Ma Yan-hong, Guo Yi-rong, Wang Min 1552-1558
Mitigating Broadcast Storm on Metro Ethernet Network Using PVST+ PDF
Beny Nugraha, Bayu Fitrianto, Fahraini Bacharuddin 1559-1564
DCR: Double Component Ranking for Building Reliable Cloud Applications PDF
Lixing Xue, Zhan Zhang, Decheng Zuo 1565-1574
Factors Influencing User’s Adoption of Conversational Recommender System Based on Product Functional Requirements PDF
Z.K. Abdurahman Baizal, Dwi H Widyantoro, Nur Ulfa Maulidevi 1575-1585
Iteration Methods for Linear Systems with Positive Definite Matrix PDF
Longquan Yong, Shouheng Tuo, Jiarong Shi 1586-1597
The Strategies for Quorum Satisfaction in Host-to-Host Meeting Scheduling Negotiation PDF
Rani Megasari, Kuspriyanto Kuspriyanto, Emir Mauludi Husni, Dwi Hendratmo Widyantoro 1598-1607
Region Based Image Retrieval Using Ratio of Proportional Overlapping Object PDF
Agus Zainal Arifin, Rizka Wakhidatus Sholikah, Dimas Fanny H. P., Dini Adni Navastara 1608-1616
Heterogeneous Information Knowledge Construction Based on Ontology PDF
Jianhou Gan, Gang Xie, Yongzheng Yan, Wanquan Liu 1617-1628