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TELKOMNIKA Telecommunication, Computing, Electronics and Control ISSN: 1693-6930, e-ISSN: 2302-9293 is a peer-reviewed, scientific journal published by Universitas Ahmad Dahlan (UAD).  The aim of this journal is to publish high-quality articles dedicated to all aspects of the latest outstanding developments in the field of electrical engineering. Its scope encompasses the applications of Telecommunication and Information Technology, Applied Computing and Computer, Instrumentation and Control, Electrical (Power), and Electronics Engineering. It was first published in 2003. The journal registered in the CrossRef system with Digital Object Identifier (DOI) prefix 10.12928. The Journal has been indexed by SCOPUS, Google Scholar, Scholar Metrics etc; accredited 'A' Grade by DIKTI (Ministry of Education and Culture, Republic of Indonesia); registered Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)BASE - Bielefeld Academic Search Engine and CORE KMi, etc. The Journal also have a license agreement with  ProQuest LLC and EBSCO Publishing.

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Authors should submit only papers that have been carefully proofread and polished. Manuscripts are accepted with the understanding that they are original or extended version of previously published papers in conferences and/or journals and that, if the work received an official sponsorship, it has been duly released for open publication. Before submission please make sure that your paper is prepared using the journal paper template. The authors must refer to TELKOMNIKA Journal for writing format and style (Please download and use as template for initial manuscript submission). This will ensure fast processing and publication. Any papers not fulfilling the requirements based on the guideline to authors will not be processed.

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Vol 12, No 3: September 2014

Table of Contents

Wireless Power Transfer by Using Solar Energy PDF
M. Fareq, M. Fitra, M. Irwanto, Syafruddin HS, N. Gomesh, M. Rozailan, M. Arinal, Y.M. Irwan, J. Zarinatul 519-524
Quantized Feedback Control of Network Empowerment Ammunition with Data-Rate Limitations PDF
Fang Jin, Zhi-hua Yuan, Qing-Quan Liu, Zhang Xing 525-532
Failure Mechanism Analysis and Failure Number Prediction of Wind Turbine Blades PDF
Yu Chun-yu, Guo Jian-ying, Xin Shi-guang 533-540
Multi Population Evolutionary Programming Approach for Distributed Generation Installation PDF
M.F. Baharom, M.H. Jali, M. Fani, W.M. Bukhari, Z.H. Bohari, M.N M. Nasir, N. Adnan 541-548
Simple HAWT Prototype Efficiency at Small Scale Wind Speed PDF
Melda Latif, Mumuh Muharam, Yonggi Puriza, Gusriwandi Gusriwandi 549-556
A Different Single-Phase Hybrid Five-Level Voltage-Source Inverter Using DC-Voltage Modules PDF
Suroso Suroso, Agung Mubyarto, Toshihiko Noguchi 557-562
A Review of Current Control Strategy for Single-Phase Grid-Connected Inverters PDF
Peng Mao, Mao Zhang, Saihua Cui, Weiping Zhang, Bong-Hwan Kwon 563-580
A Novel Part-of-Speech Set Developing Method for Statistical Machine Translation PDF
Herry Sujaini, Kuspriyanto Kuspriyanto, Arry Akhmad Arman, Ayu Purwarianti 581-588
Strain Transfer and Test Research of Stick-up Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors PDF
Wang Bing, Wang Xiaoli 589-596
Batik Image Retrieval Based on Color Difference Histogram and Gray Level Co-Occurrence Matrix PDF
Agus Eko Minarno, Nanik Suciati 597-604
Combine Target Extraction and Enhancement Methods to Fuse Infrared and LLL Images PDF
Yong Chen, Xiong Jie, Huan-lin Liu, Qiang Fan 605-612
The New Complex-Valued Wavelet Neural Network PDF
Sufang Li, Mingyan Jiang 613-622
Application Status of the Barkhausen Effect in Nondestructive Testing PDF
Yuan Huijuan, Zhang Enjing, Li Hongmei, Fu Jian, Yang Ying Ying, Zou Ying, Hu Dandan 523-630
Matrix Mask Overlapping and Convolution Eight Directions for Blood Vessel Segmentation on Fundus Retinal Image PDF
Arif Muntasa, Indah Agustien Sirajudin, Moch Kautsar Sophan 631-638
Designing Comprehensive Independent Learning Interactive Multimedia and its Resources Demands PDF
Enjang Akhmad Juanda, Ali Ibnun Nurhadi 639-650
The Implementation of Henon Map Algorithm for Digital Image Encryption PDF
Edi Sukirman, Suryadi MT, M. Agus Mubarak 651-656
Open Source Based M-Learning Application for Supporting Distance Learning PDF
Arief Hidayat, Victor Gayuh Utomo 657-664
An Alternative Method for Determining Critical Success Factors of Information System Project PDF
A'ang Subiyakto, Abdul Rahman Ahlan, Husni Teja Sukmana 665-674
Performance of Chaos-Based Encryption Algorithm for Digital Image PDF
Suryadi MT, Eva Nurpeti 675-682
Research on Keyhole Diameter’s Vision Measurement Based on Parallel Technology PDF
Zhang Chuan-chuan, Zeng Zhi-qiang, Wang Jun-yuan, Du Wen-hua 683-688
One-Time Password Implementation on Lego Mindstorms NXT PDF
Barlian Henryranu P, Heru Nurwarsito, Wijaya Kurniawan 689-694
Design Concept of Dynamic-Adaptive Reconfigurable Wireless Sensor Node (DARWiSeN) PDF
C. Bambang Dwi Kuncoro, M. Anda Falahuddin 695-702
Chord-based Resource Identifier-to-Locator Mapping and Searching for the Future Internet PDF
Huanlin Liu, Hongyue Dai, Shuaiyong Wu, Sheng Huang 703-710
Single Stage RF Amplifier with High Gain for 2.4GHz Receiver Front-Ends PDF
Achmad Munir, Biru Tutur Ranum 711-716
A Cognitive Radio Spectrum Sensing Algorithm to Improve Energy Detection at Low SNR PDF
Agus Subekti, Sugihartono Sugihartono, Nana Rachmana S, Andriyan B.Suksmono 717-724
Maximization Network Throughput based on Maximal Flow for Single-Source Two-Destinations Multicast PDF
Huanlin Liu, Ruiyan Li, Liang Qin, Sheng Huang 725-732
Diversity Combining Using Maxima Ratio Combining for All Modulation Mode PDF
Yusuf Kurniawan, Andyes Fourman D.A. Sudirja 733-740
The use of ON-OFF and ANN Controllers for Automated Irrigation System Model Based on Penman-Monteith Evapotranspiration PDF
Susilo Adi Widyanto, Achmad Widodo, Achmad Hidayatno, Suwoko Suwoko 741-750