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TELKOMNIKA (Telecommunication, Computing, Electronics and Control) ISSN: 1693-6930, e-ISSN: 2302-9293 is a peer-reviewed, scientific journal published by Universitas Ahmad Dahlan (UAD) in collaboration with Institute of Advanced Engineering and Science (IAES).  The aim of this journal is to publish high-quality articles dedicated to all aspects of the latest outstanding developments in the field of electrical engineering. Its scope encompasses the applications of Telecommunication and Information Technology, Applied Computing and Computer, Instrumentation and Control, Electrical (Power), and Electronics Engineering. It was first published in 2003. The journal registered in the CrossRef system with Digital Object Identifier (DOI) prefix 10.12928. The Journal has been indexed by SCOPUS, Google Scholar, Scholar Metrics etc; accredited 'A' Grade by DIKTI (Ministry of Education and Culture, Republic of Indonesia); registered Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)BASE - Bielefeld Academic Search Engine and CORE KMi, etc. The Journal also have a license agreement with  ProQuest LLC and EBSCO Publishing.

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Authors should submit only papers that have been carefully proofread and polished. Manuscripts are accepted with the understanding that they are original or extended version of previously published papers in conferences and/or journals and that, if the work received an official sponsorship, it has been duly released for open publication. Before submission please make sure that your paper is prepared using the journal paper template. The authors must refer to TELKOMNIKA Journal for writing format and style (Please download and use as template for initial manuscript submission). This will ensure fast processing and publication. Any papers not fulfilling the requirements based on the guideline to authors will not be processed.

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Call For Editors


TELKOMNIKA Telecommunication, Computing, Electronics and Control ISSN: 1693-6930, e-ISSN: 2302-9293 is a peer-reviewed scientific journal publishes high-quality articles dedicated to all aspects of the latest outstanding developments in the field of electrical engineering. Its scope encompasses the applications of Telecommunication and Information Technology, Applied Computing and Computer, Instrumentation and Control, Electrical (Power), and Electronics Engineering. All research articles in this journal undergo rigorous peer review, based on initial editorial screening and refereeing by at least two anonymous referees. High quality scholarly communication of this nature requires the collaborative efforts of academics. The journal is professionally managed by a team of editors drawn from the academic and practitioner community for fixed periods, and a journal administrator.

Hence TELKOMNIKA TCEC is calling for academics with sound academic background and who want to leave their footprints on the sand of time to serve as editors. The primary responsibility of an editor will be to edit manuscripts after they have been peer-reviewed.  The editor will ensure that revisions have been completed if requested by peer reviewers.  The editor will also make sure that manuscripts are grammatically correct, consistent in style, readable, and free of plagiarism or other scientific misconduct.

Applicants must have significant publishing his/her specific field of research and reviewing experience (min H-index: 5 in Scopus/Thomson Reuters Web of Science database). Submit your short bio (included your Scopus author ID, ORCID ID or ResearcherID), background (Educations, Researches) and some information to review to cc:

Due to the high volume of applications, only accepted applicants will be contacted via email. We look forward to your constant support and initiative in improving the quality of TELKOMNIKA TCEC.

Keep your eyes to TELKOMNIKA TCEC, and we hope that TELKOMNIKA TCEC will grow into a world-best international journal. We will continue to strengthen TELKOMNIKA TCEC as a helpful research open source for scholars, researchers and students.

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Posted: 2014-12-07
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Vol 15, No 3: September 2017

List of Accepted papers

Table of Contents

The Correlation of Statistical Image and Partial Discharge Pulse Count of LDPE-NR Composite
Aulia Aulia, Zulkarnain Abdul Malek, Yanuar Zulardiansyah Arief, Eka Putra Waldi
Neural Network-Based Stabilizer for the Improvement of Power System Dynamic Performance PDF
Rudy Gianto, Kho Hie Khwee
Thermal Condition and Losses in Ultra-High-Speed Generators PDF
Flur Ismagilov, Viacheslav Vavilov, Ruslan Karimov, Denis Gusakov
A Three-Phase Grid-Connected PV System Based on SAPF for Power Quality Improvement PDF
Rachid Belaidi, Ali Haddouche, Djamila Ghribi, M. Mghezzi Larafi
Noise Analysis in VLC Optical Link based Discrette OP-AMP Trans-impedance Amplifier (TIA) PDF
Syifaul Fuada, Trio Adiono, Angga Pratama Putra, Yulian Aska
Weighted Least Squared Approach to Fault Detection and Isolation for GPS Integrity Monitoring
Ershen Wang, Fuxia Yang, Pingping Qu, Tao Pang, Xiaoyu Lan
The Performance of an Integrated Transformer in a DC/DC Converter
Abdelhadi Namoune, Azzedine Hamid, Rachid Taleb
Application Profiling and Mapping on NoC-based MPSoC Emulation Platform on Reconfigurable Logic
Jia Wei Tang, Yuan Wen Hau, Nasir Shaikh-Husin, Muhammad Nadzir Marsono
An Improved Repetitive Control for Circulating Current Restraining in MMC-MTDC
Yahui Wang, Yijia Cao, Yong Li, Chang Li
Packet Loss Rate Differentiation in slotted Optical Packet Switching OCDM/WDM
Omar Najah, Kamaruzzaman Seman, Khairi Abdulrahim
94 GHz Millimeter Wave Conducted Speech Enhancement
Sheng Li, Fuming Chen, Jinyan Hu, Hongbo Li, Lijun Qiu, Ying Tian, Jianqi Wang
Design of Circular Patch With Double C-Shaped Slot Microstrip Antenna for LTE 1800 MHz
Yusnita Rahayu, Jherino Permana Putra
Design LTE Microstrip Antenna Rectangular Patch with Beetle-Shaped Slot
Yusnita Rahayu, Haziq Hazman, Razali Ngah
Wireless Body Area Networks for Healthcare Applications: An Overview
Muhammad Anwar, Abdul Hanan Abdullah, Kashif Naseer Qureshi, Abdul Hakeem Majid
Malicious User Attack in Cognitive Radio Networks
N. Armi, S. Rizvi, W.Z. Khan, H. Zangoti, W. Gharibi, C. Wael
Wave Peak and Dispersion in Transmission of Bragg Grating Coupler
Romi Fadli Syahputra, Toto Saktioto, Ros Meri, Okfalisa Okfalisa, Syamsudhuha Syamsudhuha
Planar Microwave Sensors for Accurate Measurement of Material Characterization: A Review
Norhanani Abd Rahman, Zahriladha Zakaria, Rosemizi Abd Rahim, Yosza Dasril, Amyrul Azuan Mohd Bahar
Miniaturized Minkowski-Island Fractal Microstrip Antenna Fed by Proximity Coupling for Wireless Fidelity Application
I Putu Elba Duta Nugraha, Indra Surjati, Syah Alam
A Mathematical Approach for Hidden Node Problem in Cognitive Radio Networks
Felix Obite, Kamaludin Yusof, Jafri Din
Design and Improvement of a Compact Bandpass Filter using DGS Technique for WLAN and WiMAX Applications
Ahmed Boutejdar, Mohamed Amzi, Saad Dosse Bennani
A Proposed Design of Unit Cell of Metamaterial for 5G Mobile Communication
Jamal Mohammed Rasool
New Miniature Planar Microstrip Antenna Using DGS for ISM applications
R. Er-rebyiy, J. Zbitou, M. Latrach, A. Tajmouati, A. Errkik, L. EL Abdellaoui
Bandwidth and Gain Enhancement of MIMO Antenna by using Ring and Circular Parasitic with Air-Gap Microstrip Structure
Teguh Firmansyah, Herudin Herudin, Suhendar Suhendar, Romi Wiryadinata, M Iman Santoso, Yus Rama Denny, Toto Supriyanto
Synchronization Control of Complex Dynamical Networks Based on Uncertain Coupling
Qianqian Jia
Integral Backstepping Approach for Mobile Robot Control
Kamel Bouzgou, Benaoumeur Ibari, Laredj Benchikh, Zoubir Ahmed-Foitih
Fuzzy Logic Implementation with MATLAB for PV-Wind Hybrid System
Alias Khamis, Mohd Ruddin Ab. Ghani, Chin Kim Gan, Mohd Shahrieel Mohd Aras, Muhamad Fiqry Khamis, Tole Sutikno, Jano Zanariah
Estimation of Optimum Number of Poles for Random Signal by Yule-Walker Method
Ahmed Al Amin, Md. Shoriful Islam, K.M. Abdul Al Woadud, Md. Jahirul Islam, Md. Imrul Kayes
A Review on Methods of Identifying and Counting Aedes Aegypti Larvae using Image Segmentation Technique
Mohamad Aqil Mohd Fuad, Mohd Ruddin Ab Ghani, Rozaimi Ghazali, Mohamad Fani Sulaima, Mohd Hafiz Jali, Tole Sutikno, Tarmizi Ahmad Izzuddin, Zanariah Jano
Development of Ammonia Gas Leak Detection and Location Method
Ding Xibo, Wang Ru-yue
Decision Support System for Bats Identification using Random Forest and C5.0
Deden Sumirat Hidayat, Imas Sukaesih Sitanggang, Gono Semiadi
Predicting the Presence of Learning Motivation in Electronic Learning: a New Rules to Predict
Christina Juliane, Arry A. Arman, Husni S. Sastramihardja, Iping Supriana
Improving DNA Barcode-based Fish Identification System on Imbalanced Data using SMOTE
Wisnu Ananta Kusuma, Nurdevi Noviana, Lailan Sahrina Hasibuan, Mala Nurilmala
A Crop Pests Image Classification Algorithm Based on Deep Convolutional Neural Network
RuJing Wang, Jie Zhang, Wei Dong, Jian Yu, ChengJun Xie, Rui Li, TianJiao Chen, HongBo Chen
HABCO : A Robust Agent on Hybrid Ant-Bee Colony Optimization
Abba Suganda Girsang, Chun-Wei Tsai, Chu-Sing Yang
Foreign Tourist Arrivals Forecasting Using Recurrent Neural Network Backpropagation Through Time
Wayan Oger Vihikan, I Ketut Gede Darma Putra, I Putu Arya Dharmaadi
Improving Posture Accuracy of Non-holonomic Mobile Robot System with Variable Universe of Discourse
Siti Nurmaini, Bambang Tutuko, Kemala Dewi, Velia Yuliza, Tresna Dewi
Feature Extraction of Musical Instrument Tones using FFT and Segment Averaging
Linggo Sumarno, I. Iswanjono
Regression Modelling for Precipitation Prediction Using Genetic Algorithms
Asyrofa Rahmi, Wayan Firdaus Mahmudy
The Addition Symptoms Parameter on Sentiment Analysis to Measure Public Health Concerns
Yohanssen Pratama, Puspoko Ponco Ratno
A Novel Space–time Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Solving of One-dimensional Electromagnetic Wave Propagations
Pranowo Pranowo
Binarization of Ancient Document Images Based on Multipeak Histogram Assumption
Fitri Arnia, Khairul Munadi
The Pessimistic Investor Sentiments Indicator in Social Networks
Rui Jin, Hong-Li Zhang, Xing Wang, Xiao-Meng Wang
Social Media Success Model for Knowledge Sharing (Scale Development and Validation)
Setiawan Assegaff, H Hendri, Akwan Sunoto, Herti Yani, Desy Kisbiyanti
A Soft Set-based Co-occurrence for Clustering Web User Transactions
Edi Sutoyo, Iwan Tri Riyadi Yanto, Rd Rohmat Saedudin, Tutut Herawan
Twitter’s Sentiment Analysis on Gsm Services using Multinomial Naïve Bayes
Aisah Rini Susanti, Taufik Djatna, Wisnu Ananta Kusuma
Step-Function Approach for E-Learning Personalization
Sfenrianto Sfenrianto, Zainal A. Hasibuan
Using SVD and DWT Based Steganography to Enhance the Security of Watermarked Fingerprint Images
Mandy Douglas, Karen Bailey, Mark Leeney, Kevin Curran
Agent Based Modeling on Dynamic Spreading Dengue Fever Epidemic
Heti Mulyani, Taufik Djatna, Imas Sukaesih Sitanggang
Manager Perceptions towards the Success of E-Performance Reporting System
A'ang Subiyakto, Ditha Septiandani, Evy Nurmiati, Yusuf Durachman, Abd. Rahman Ahlan, Mira Kartiwi
Histogram Equalization for Improving Quality of Low-Resolution Ultrasonography Images
Retno Supriyanti, Subkhi Adhi Priyono, Eko Murdyantoro, Haris Budi Widodo
Use of Automation Codecs Streaming Video Applications Based on Cloud Computing
Hero Wintolo, Anggraini Kusumaningrum, Handoko Widya Kusuma
Research and Application of Development Model of Information Service for IOT of Oil and Gas Production Based on Cloud Architecture
Haili Wu, Renbin Gong, Congbin Wang, Lei Gong
Brown’s Weighted Exponential Moving Average Implementation in Forex Forecasting
Seng Hansun, Subanar Subanar
Miniaturization of Resonator based on Moore Fractal
E. Mohd, S. H. Dahlan
Effect of Pump Dithering at Each Stage of Cascaded Fiber Optical Parametric Amplifier
Fatin Nabilah Mohamad Salleh, Nor Shahida Mohd Shah, Nurulanati Othman, Rahmat Talib, Munirah Ab. Rahman
An Upgraded Transverse Electromagnetic Parallel Plates for Dielectric Measurement
S. K. Yee, R. Padu, C. K. Sia, X. T. I. Ngu, S. H. Dahlan, M. A. Azlan
Flexible Wearable Antenna on Electromagnetic Band Gap using PDMS substrate
Adel Y. I. Ashap, Z. Z. Abidin, S. H. Dahlan, H. A. Majid, S. K. Yee, Gameel Saleh, Norun Abdul Malek
Numerical Simulation of Highly-Nonlinear Dispersion-Shifted Fiber Optical Parametric Gain Spectrum with Fiber Loss and Higher-Order Dispersion Coefficients
K. G. Tay, N. Othman, N. S. M. Shah, N. A. Cholan
Microstrip to Parallel-Strip Nonlinear Transition Balun with Stubs and DGS for UWB Dipole Antenna
S. A. Hamzah, S. Mohd Shah, H. Majid, K. N. Ramli, M. S. Zainal, L. Audah, S. Z. Sapuan, A. Ubin, M. Esa, N. N. Nik Abd Malik
Enhanced Payload Data Reduction Approach for Cluster Head (CH) Nodes
N. A. M. Alduais, J. Abdullah, A. Jamil
Integrated Open Loop Resonator Filter Designed with Notch Patch Antenna for Microwave Applications
D. Azra Awang Mat, N. Syuhada Hasim, Nurmiza Othman, Amira Amran, D. Norkhairunnisa Abang Zaidel, A. S. Wani Marzuki, Shafrida Sahrani, Kismet anak Hong Ping, Rohana Sapawi