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TELKOMNIKA (Telecommunication, Computing, Electronics and Control) ISSN: 1693-6930, e-ISSN: 2302-9293 is a peer-reviewed, scientific journal published by Universitas Ahmad Dahlan (UAD) in collaboration with Institute of Advanced Engineering and Science (IAES). The aim of this journal is to publish high-quality articles dedicated to all aspects of the latest outstanding developments in the field of electrical & electronics engineering and computer science. Its scope encompasses the applications of Telecommunication, Computing, Electrical & Electronics, and Instrumentation & Control. It was first published in 2003. Beginning with issue 1 of volume 16 (2018), TELKOMNIKA will be published as a bimonthly journal (6 issues/year). The journal registered in the CrossRef system with Digital Object Identifier (DOI) prefix 10.12928. The Journal has been indexed by SCOPUSGoogle ScholarScholar Metrics etc; accredited 'A' Grade by DGHE (Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education, Republic of Indonesia); registered BASE - Bielefeld Academic Search Engine and CORE KMi, etc. The Journal also have a license agreement with  ProQuest LLC and EBSCO Publishing.

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Authors should submit only papers that have been carefully proofread and polished. Manuscripts are accepted with the understanding that they are an original or extended version of previously published papers in conferences and/or journals and that, if the work received an official sponsorship, it has been duly released for open publication. Before submission please make sure that your paper is prepared using the journal paper template. The authors must refer to TELKOMNIKA Journal for writing format and style (Please download and use as a template for initial manuscript submission in .DOCX or LATEX). This will ensure fast processing and publication. Any papers not fulfilling the requirements based on the guideline to authors will not be processed.

If you have any problems with the online submission, please do email to telkomnika [at] (subject: Your Name_Problem with Online Submission), and cc: telkomnika [at]



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Vol 19, No 3: June 2021

Each paper requires minor changes for it to be accepted. Editors will go through the revisions and gives a final approval. However, it is good to remember that "this status decision" does not guarantee acceptance. The paper will be accepted only if the editors are satisfied with the changes made.

Table of Contents

Design and Implementation of Remotely Monitoring System for PH Level in Baghdad drinking water Networks
sura fawzi ismail
Overlapped hierarchical clusters routing protocol for improving quality of service
Hayder Fakher Jassim, Mohammed A. Tawfeeq, Sawsan M. Mahmoud
Identification the Internal Parameters for Mono-Crystalline solar module using Matlab -simulation and Experimental Ascertainment
Hussein Thary Khamees, Rabea Q Nafil, Munaf S Majeed
Design of compact microstrip bandpass filter using square DMS slots for Wi-Fi and bluetooth applications
A. Belmajdoub, M. Jorio, S. Bennani, A. Lakhssassi, M. Amzi
Design a compact CPW monopole antenna on rubber substrate for ISM band application
Nazmus Sakib, Siti Noorjannah Ibrahim, M. M. Hasan Mahfuz, Sarah Yasmin Mohamad
Enhanced the accuracy of idle time in cognitive radio network
Mas Haslinda Mohamad, A. Sali, R. Nordin
Dynamic bandwidth allocation algorithm for long reach passive optical network
Siti Hasunah Mohammad, Nadiatulhuda Zulkifli, Sevia Mahdaliza Idrus
Comparison of Two Methods on Vector Space Model for Trust in Social Commerce
Hla Sann Sint, Khine Khine Oo
Biomass Estimation Model For Peat Swamp Forest Ecosystem Using LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging)
Muhamad Rizal, M. Buce Saleh, Lilik Budi Prasetyo
Mapping Log Data Activity Using Heuristic Miner Algorithm in Manufacture and Logistics Company
Syafrial Fachri Pane, Rolly Maulana Awan, M. Amran Hakim Siregar, Dinda Majesty
Simple Solution for Low Cost Bandwidth Management
IMade Sukarsa, I Nyoman Piarsa, I Gede Bagus Premana Putra
Prolonging WSNs lifetime in IoT applications based on consistent algorithm
Mohammed Ali Tawfeeq
Summarization of COVID-19 news documents deep learning-based using transformer architecture
Nur Hayatin, Kharisma Muzaki Ghufron, Galih Wasis Wicaksono
Notification information system android-based for spreading school information
Wirawan Istiono
Parameter Tuning of Software Effort Estimation Models Using Antlion Optimization
Marrwa Zedan
Fuzzy Clustering Means Algorithm Analysis for Power Demand Prediction at PT PLN Lhokseumawe
Muhammad Sadli, Wahyu Fuadi, Faizar Abdurrahman, Nurul Islami, Muhammad Ihsan
An efficient method for stamps recognition using Haar wavelet sub-bands
Maha A. Rajab, Loay E. George
Customer application protocol for data transfer between embedded processor and microcontroller systems
Mazin R. Khalil, Laith A. Mohammed, Omar N. Yousif
Deep learning with focal loss approach for attacks classification
Yesi Novaria Kunang, Siti Nurmaini, Deris Stiawan, Bhakti Yudho Suprapto
A Comparative Analysis of Automatic Deep Neural Networks for Image Retrieval
Hanan A. Al-Jubouri, Sawsan M. Mahmmod
Parallel Classification and Optimization of Telco Trouble Ticket Dataset
Fauzy Bin Che Yayah, Khairil Imran Ghauth, Choo-Yee Ting
A Comprehensive Review of Vehicle Detection Using Computer Vision
Aymen Fadhil Abbas, Usman ullah sheikh, Fahad Taha AL-dhief
Bigram feature extraction and conditional random fields model to improve text classification clinical trial document
Jasmir Jasmir, Siti Nurmaini, Reza Firsandaya Malik, Bambang Tutuko
Palm print Verification Based Deep Learning
arwa h. salih
Deep fingerprint classification network
Abdulsattar M. Ibrahim, Abdulrahman K. Eesee, Raid Rafi Omar Al-Nima
The Convolutional Neural Networks for Amazigh Speech Recognition System
Meryam Telmem, Youssef Ghanou
Roof Materials Identification Based on Pleiades Spectral Responses Using Supervised Classification
Ayom Widipaminto, Yohanes Fridolin Hestrio, Yuvita Dian Safitri, Donna Monica, Dedi Irawadi, Rokhmatuloh Rokhmatuloh, Djoko Triyono, Erna Sri Adiningsih
Unidirectional-bidirectional recurrent networks for cardiac disorders classification
Annisa Darmawahyuni, Siti Nurmaini, Muhammad Naufal Rachmatullah, Firdaus Firdaus, Bambang Tutuko
Author identification in bibliographic data using deep neural networks
Firdaus Firdaus, Siti Nurmaini, Reza Firsandaya Malik, Annisa Darmawahyuni, Muhammad Naufal Rachmatullah, Andre Herviant Juliano, Tio Artha Nugraha, Varindo Ockta Keneddi Putra
Hardware accelerator for anti-aliasing Wu's line algorithm using FPGA
Basma MK. Younis, Ahmed Kh. Younis
Utilizing CaCO3, CaF2, SiO2, and TiO2 phosphors as approaches to the improved color uniformity and lumen efficacy of WLEDs
Nguyễn Đoàn Quốc Anh
Using flat phosphor layer in dual-layer remote phosphor structure to improve luminous efficiency
Nguyễn Đoàn Quốc Anh
Multilayer phosphor-in-glass packaging for the development in WLED color uniformity
Nguyễn Đoàn Quốc Anh
Investigation on the application of ZnO nanostructures to improve the optical performance of white light-emitting diodes
Nguyễn Đoàn Quốc Anh
Voltage Profile Improvement of Weak Grid with Solar PV Integration
Surender Reddy Salkuti
The impacts of red-emitting phosphor Mg8Ge2O11F2:Mn4+ on the color rendering index of convex-dual-layer remote phosphor WLEDs at 5600 K
Nguyễn Đoàn Quốc Anh
Enhancement of luminous flux and color quality of white light-emitting diodes by using green (Y,Gd)BO3:Tb3+ phosphor
Nguyễn Đoàn Quốc Anh
Optimal Reconfiguration with Optimal Size and Placement of DG and SC in Distribution Network for Voltage Profile improvement and Power Losses Reduction
Mohammed Bahlol Essa
Extended state observer based load frequency controller for three area interconnected power system
Van Van Huynh, Phong Thanh Tran, Tuan Anh Tran, Dao Huy Tuan, Van-Duc Phan
Power Systems Automation, Communication, and Information Technologies for Smart Grid: An Technical Aspects Review
Vikram Kulkarni, Sarat Kumar Sahoo, Sudhakar Babu Thanikanti, Srikanth Velpula, Dharmesh Ishwerlal Rathod
JPG, PNG and BMP Image Compression using Discrete Cosine Transform
Rostam Affendi Hamzah