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TELKOMNIKA (Telecommunication, Computing, Electronics and Control) ISSN: 1693-6930, e-ISSN: 2302-9293 is a peer-reviewed, scientific journal published by Universitas Ahmad Dahlan (UAD) in collaboration with Institute of Advanced Engineering and Science (IAES).  The aim of this journal is to publish high-quality articles dedicated to all aspects of the latest outstanding developments in the field of electrical engineering. Its scope encompasses the applications of Telecommunication and Information Technology, Applied Computing and Computer, Instrumentation and Control, Electrical (Power), and Electronics Engineering. It was first published in 2003. The journal registered in the CrossRef system with Digital Object Identifier (DOI) prefix 10.12928. The Journal has been indexed by SCOPUS, Google Scholar, Scholar Metrics etc; accredited 'A' Grade by DIKTI (Ministry of Education and Culture, Republic of Indonesia); registered Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)BASE - Bielefeld Academic Search Engine and CORE KMi, etc. The Journal also have a license agreement with  ProQuest LLC and EBSCO Publishing.

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Authors should submit only papers that have been carefully proofread and polished. Manuscripts are accepted with the understanding that they are original or extended version of previously published papers in conferences and/or journals and that, if the work received an official sponsorship, it has been duly released for open publication. Before submission please make sure that your paper is prepared using the journal paper template. The authors must refer to TELKOMNIKA Journal for writing format and style (Please download and use as template for initial manuscript submission). This will ensure fast processing and publication. Any papers not fulfilling the requirements based on the guideline to authors will not be processed.

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TELKOMNIKA Telecommunication, Computing, Electronics and Control ISSN: 1693-6930, e-ISSN: 2302-9293 is a peer-reviewed scientific journal publishes high-quality articles dedicated to all aspects of the latest outstanding developments in the field of electrical engineering. Its scope encompasses the applications of Telecommunication and Information Technology, Applied Computing and Computer, Instrumentation and Control, Electrical (Power), and Electronics Engineering. All research articles in this journal undergo rigorous peer review, based on initial editorial screening and refereeing by at least two anonymous referees. High quality scholarly communication of this nature requires the collaborative efforts of academics. The journal is professionally managed by a team of editors drawn from the academic and practitioner community for fixed periods, and a journal administrator.

Hence TELKOMNIKA TCEC is calling for academics with sound academic background and who want to leave their footprints on the sand of time to serve as editors. The primary responsibility of an editor will be to edit manuscripts after they have been peer-reviewed.  The editor will ensure that revisions have been completed if requested by peer reviewers.  The editor will also make sure that manuscripts are grammatically correct, consistent in style, readable, and free of plagiarism or other scientific misconduct.

Applicants must have significant publishing his/her specific field of research and reviewing experience (min H-index: 5 in Scopus/Thomson Reuters Web of Science database). Submit your short bio (included your Scopus author ID, ORCID ID or ResearcherID), background (Educations, Researches) and some information to review to cc:

Due to the high volume of applications, only accepted applicants will be contacted via email. We look forward to your constant support and initiative in improving the quality of TELKOMNIKA TCEC.

Keep your eyes to TELKOMNIKA TCEC, and we hope that TELKOMNIKA TCEC will grow into a world-best international journal. We will continue to strengthen TELKOMNIKA TCEC as a helpful research open source for scholars, researchers and students.

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Posted: 2014-12-07
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Vol 15, No 2: June 2017

List of accepted papers

Some papers are selected papers of the International Conference on Electrical, Electronic, Communication and Control Engineering (ICEECC2017)

Table of Contents

Performance Evaluation of Cascaded Multilevel STATCOM using Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) Test based on Real-Time Digital Simulator (RTDS) PDF
Lihua Li, Lin Xu, Yang Han 549-553
Preliminary Study on biogas production from POME by DBD plasma PDF
Ariadi Hazmi, Muhammad Imran Hamid 554-559
Low-Cost Contact Angle Measurement System for QCM Sensor PDF
Setyawan Purnomo Sakti, Rizal Y Aji, Layli Amaliya, Masruroh Masruroh 560-569
A Customized Reconfiguration Controller with Remote Direct ICAP Access for Dynamically Reconfigurable Platform
Tze Hon Tan, Muhammad Nadzir Marsono, Chia Yee Ooi 570-577
The Humidity Dependence of Pentacene Organic Metal-Oxide- Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor PDF
Fadliondi Fadliondi, Muhammad Kunta Biddinika, Shun-ichiro Ohmi 578-583
An Indonesian Standard of Lithium-Ion Battery Cell Ferro Phospate for Electric Vehicle Applications PDF
Wahyudi Sutopo, Evizal Abdul Kadir 584-589
A Novel Approach for RSS-based fingerprinting location system in GSM PDF
Zhongliang Deng, Enwen Hu, Lu Yin 590-597
A New Model of Genetic Zone Routing Protocol (GZRP) : The Process of Load Balancing and Offloading on The UMTS - IEEE 802.11g Hybrid Networks
Setiyo Budiyanto, Arissetyanto Nugroho 598-605
Performance Evaluation of Gauss-Markov Mobility Model in Hybrid LTE-VANET Networks PDF
Doan Perdana, Rendy Munadi, Robby Manurung 606-621
A Novel Approach for Qualitative Imaging of Buried PEC Scatterers PDF
Martina Teresa Bevacqua 622-627
Peripheral Slits Microstrip Antenna Using Log Periodic Technique for Digital Television Broadcasting PDF
Indra Surjati, Yuli Kurnia Ningsih, Syah Alam 628-635
Design and Implementation of Efficient Analysis and Synthesis QMF Bank for Multicarrier Cognitive Radio Communication. PDF
Ankur Singh Kang, Prof.Renu Vij 636-645
Design of Digital to Analog Voice Data Packet Conversion from Ethernet Protocol using FPGA PDF
Barlian Henryranu Prasetio, Dahnial Syauqy 646-653
Rhetorical Sentence Classification for Automatic Title Generation in Scientific Article PDF
Jan Wira Gotama Putra, Masayu Leylia Khodra 656-664
Predicting the Level of Emotion by Means of Indonesian Speech Signal PDF
Fergyanto E Gunawan, Kanyadian Idananta 665-67
A Digital Rights Management System based on Cloud PDF
Franco Frattolillo 671-677
Integration Model of Knowledge Management and Social Media for Higher Education PDF
Tanty Oktavia, Harco Leslie Hendric Spits Warnars, Suroto Adi 678-685
A Model and Algorithm of Dynamic Map Expression and Its Application
Lin Liu, Wan-wu Li, Xu-chen Wei, Jia-jing Li
Automatic Image Annotation Using CMRM with Scene Information
Julian Sahertian, Saiful Akbar
Image Processing of Panoramic Dental X-Ray for Identifying Proximal Caries
Jufriadif Na`am, Johan Harlan, Sarifuddin Madenda, Eri Prasetyo Wibowo
Progressive Mining of Sequential Patterns Based on Single Constraint
Regina Yulia Yasmin, Putri Saptawati, Benhard Sitohang
Parametric Analysis of Wearable Vialess EBG Structures and Its Application for Low Profile Antennas
Adel Y.I. Ashyap, Zuhairiah Zainal Abidin, Samsul Haimi Dahlan, Huda A. Majid, Zuraidah Muhammad, Muhammad Ramlee Kamarudin
Human Re-identification with Global and Local Siamese Convolution Neural Network
K. B. Low, U. U. Sheikh
Statistical Technique in Gas Dispersion Modeling Based on Linear Interpolation
M. S. Azwan Ramli, M. Shukri Z.A
Forkloader Position Control for A Mini Heavy Loaded Vehicle using Fuzzy Logic-Antiwindup Control
Wan Mohd Nafis Wan Lezaini, Addie Irawan, Sheikh Norhasmadi Sheikh Ali
Techno-Economic Analysis of Stand-Alone Hybrid Energy System for the Electrification of Iran Drilling Oil Rigs
Abdullah Asuhaimi Mohd Zin, Mehdi Moradi, Amirreza Naderipour, Amir Hesam Khavari, Mohammad Moradi
The Fusion of HRV and EMG Signals for Automatic Gender Recognition During Stepping Exercise
Nor Aziyatul Izni Mohd Rosli, Mohd Azizi Abdul Rahman, Malarvili Balakrishnan, Saiful Amri Mazlan, Hairi Zamzuri
Review on Psychological Crowd Model Based on LeBon’s Theory
Vahid Behtaji Siahkal Mahalleh, Hazlina Selamat, Fargham Sandhu
Characterization of Electromagnetic Valveless Micropump
MQA Ruslia, Pei Song Chee, Pei Ling Leow
Desktop Tomography System using Planar ECT Device
Shahrulnizahani Mohammad Din, Nur Adila Mohd Razali, Jaysuman Pusppanathan, Chee Pei Song, Ruzairi Abdul Rahimc, Leow Pei Linga
Wideband Multi-Port Reflectometer as an Alternative in Reflection Coefficient Measurement
Rashidah Che Yob, Norhudah Seman
Broadband Resonant Elements for 5G Reflectarray Antenna Design
M. Hashim Dahri, M. R. Kamarudin, M. H. Jamaluddin, M. Inam, R. Selvaraju
Mutual Coupling Reduction in Antenna Using EBG on Double Substrate
Raimi Dewan, M. K.A. Rahim, M. R. Hamid, M. E. Jalil, H. A. Majid
Prediction of Bioprocess Production Using Deep Neural Network Method
Amirah Baharin, Afnizanfaizal Abdullah, Siti Noorain Mohmad Yousoff
Graphene Nanoplatelets (GnP)-PVA Based Passive Saturable Absorber
Nabihah Hussin, Mohd Haniff Ibrahim, Fauzan Ahmad, Hafizal Yahaya, Sulaiman Wadi Harun
A New Approach for Solving Inverse Scattering Problems with Overset Grid Generation Method
Azarina Azman, Shafrida Sahrani, Kismet Hong Ping, Dayang Azra Awang Mat
Correlation of Objective Assessment of Facial Paralysis with House-Brackmann Score
Wan Syahirah W Samsudin, Rosdiyana Samad, Kenneth Sundaraj, Mahfuzah Mustafa, Nor Rul Hasma Abdullah
Potentiometric Glucose Detection by Paper-based Electrochemical Sensor on CMOS Chip
Katsuyuki Yamaoka, Jun Eguchi, Shigeyasu Uno
Electrochemical Redox Cycling Realized by Chromatography Paper-based Sensor
Kenichi Fukayama, Sou Yamamoto, Shigeyasu Uno
Simultaneous Electrochemical Measurement using Paper Fluidic Channel on CMOS Chip
Jun Eguchi, Katsuyuki Yamaoka, Shigeyasu Uno
Potential Field Based Motion Planning with Steering Control and DYC for ADAS
Nurbaiti Wahid, Hairi Zamzuri, Nurhaffizah Hassan, Mohd Azizi Abdul Rahman
Driver`s Steering Behaviour Identification and Modelling in Near Rear-End collision
Nurhaffizah Hassan, Hairi Zamzuri, Nurbaiti Wahid, Khairul Akmal Zulkepli, Muhammad Zulfaqar Azmi
Topology Design of Extended Torus and Ring for Low Latency Network-on-Chip Architecture
Ng Yen Phing, M. N.Mohd Warip, Phaklen Ehkan, F. W.Zulkefli, R Badlishah Ahmad
Design and Analysis of Optimum Performance Pacemaker Telemetry Antenna
N. H. Sulaiman, N. A. Samsuri, M. K. A. Rahim, F. C. Seman, M. Inam
Thermal Performance Analysis for Optimal Passive Cooling Heat Sink Design
Nur Warissyahidah Badrul Hisham, Fatimah Sham Ismail, Muhammad Azmi Ahmed Nawawi
Harmful Gases Profiling in Meru Menora Tunnel using SICK Sensor
A. N. Baharun, N. A. Murad, N. N. N. A. Malik2
Portable Electrochemical Gas Sensing System with a Paper-Based Enzyme Electrode
Shogo Kawahara, Yukio Fuchigami, Shoji Shimokawa, Yousuke Nakamura, Tatsumi Kuretake, Masao Kamahori, Shigeyasu Uno
Autism Spectrum Disorders Gait Identification Using Ground Reaction Forces
Che Zawiyah Che Hasan, Rozita Jailani, Nooritawati Md Tahir, Rohilah Sahak
Estimation of pH and MLSS using Neural Network
Nur Sakinah Ahmad Yasmin, Muhammad Sani Gaya, Norhaliza Abdul Wahab, Yahaya Md Sam
Gazing Time Analysis for Drowsiness Assessment Using Eye Gaze Tracker
Arthur Mourits Rumagit, Izzat Aulia Akbar, Tomohiko Igasaki
FPGA Based Pattern Generation and Synchonization for High Speed Structured Light 3D Camera
Muhammad Atif, Sukhan Lee
A Hybrid Chebyshev-ICA Image Fusion Method Based on Regional Saliency
Zaid Omar, Tania Stathaki, Musa M. Mokji, Lila Iznita Izhar
An Ensemble of Enhanced Fuzzy Min Max Neural Networks for Data Classification
Mohammed Falah Mohammed, Taha H. Rassem
Design and Development ofa Mirror Effect Control Prosthetic Hand with Force Sensing
Maryam Hanan Yahya, Norhazimi Hamzah, Azizul Othman, Anis Diyana Rosli, Rohaiza Baharudin, Adi Izhar Che Ani
Exploration of the Potential of Reclaimed Waste Cooking Oil for Oil-Immersed Power Transformers
Imran Sutan Chairul, Sharin Ab Ghani, Hidayat Zainuddin, Nor Hidayah Rahim, Mohd Aizam Talib, Nor Hafiz Nor Rahman
Interfade Duration Statistics at Ku-band for Satellite Earth Links System in Equatorial Malaysia: Modeling Distribution
Mawarni Mohamed Yunus, Jafri Din, Siat Ling Jong
Measurement of Dielectric Properties of Low-Density Polyethylene Nanocomposites Using “Sub-Hertz” Dielectric Spectroscopy
Mohammad Syamim Mohammad Basri, Lailatul Akmal Abdul Rauf, Mohd Hafizi Ahmad, Noor Azlinda Ahmad, Yanuar Z. Arief, Zulkarnain Ahmad Noorden