Backtracking Search Optimization for Collaborative Beamforming in Wireless Sensor Networks

N.N. Ahmad Nazri, N.N. Nik Abd Malik, L. Idoumghar, N.M. Abdul Latiff, S. Ali


Due to energy limitation and constraint in communication capabilities, the undesirable high battery power consumption has become one of the major issues in wireless sensor network (WSN). Therefore, a collaborative beamforming (CB) method was introduced with the aim to improve the radiation beampattern in order to compensate the power consumption. A CB is a technique which can increase the sensor node gain and performance by aiming at the desired objectives through intelligent capabilities. The sensor nodes were located randomly in WSN environment. The nodes were designed to cooperate among each other and act as a collaborative antenna array. The configuration of the collaborative nodes was modeled in circular array formation. The position of array nodes was determined by obtaining the optimum parameters pertaining to the antenna array which implemented by using Backtracking Search Optimization Algorithm (BSA). The parameter considered in the project was the side-lobe level minimization. It was observed that, the suppression of side-lobe level for BSA was better compared to the radiation beampattern obtained for conventional uniform circular array.


collaborative beamforming; backtracking search optimization algorithm; wireless sensor networks; antenna array; energy-efficient;

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