Tree Physiology Optimization in Constrained Optimization Problem

A. Hanif Halim, I. Ismail


Metaheuristic algorithms are proven to be more effective on finding global optimum in numerous problems including the constrained optimization area. The algorithms have the capacity to prevail over many deficiencies in conventional algorithms. Besides of good quality of performance, some metaheuristic algorithms have limitations that may deteriorate by certain degree of difficulties especially in real-world application. Most of the real-world problems consist of constrained problem that is significantly important in modern engineering design and must be considered in order to perform any optimization task. Therefore, it is essential to compare the performance of the algorithm in diverse level of difficulties in constrained region. This paper introduces Tree Physiology Optimization (TPO) algorithm for solving constrained optimization problem and compares the performance with other existing metaheuristic algorithms. The constrained problems that are included in the comparison are three engineering design and nonlinear mathematic problems. The difficulties of each proposed problem are the function complexity, number of constraints, and dimension of variables. The performance measure of each algorithm is the statistical results of finding the global optimum and the convergence towards global optimum.


metaheuristic algorithm; constrained problem; engineering design; tree physiology optimization; global optimum;

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