Low Complexity Multi-User MIMO Detection for Uplink SCMA System Using Expectation Propagation Algorithm

Alva Kosasih, Onny Setyawati, Rahmadwati Rahmadwati


Sparse code multiple access (SCMA), which combines the advantages of low density signature (LDS) and code-division multiple access (CDMA), is regarded as one of the promising modulation technique candidate for the next generation of wireless systems. Conventionally, the message passing algorithm (MPA) is used for data detector at the receiver side. However, the MPA-SCMA cannot be implemented in the next generation wireless systems, because of its unacceptable complexity cost. Specifically, the complexity of MPA-SCMA grows exponentially with the number of antennas. Considering the use of high dimensional systems in the next generation of wireless systems, such as massive multi-user MIMO systems, the conventional MPA-SCMA is prohibitive. In this paper, we propose a low complexity detector algorithm named the expectation propagation algorithm (EPA) for SCMA. Mainly, the EPA-SCMA solves the complexity problem of MPA-SCMA and enables the implementation of SCMA in massive MU-MIMO systems. For instance, the EPA-SCMA also enables the implemantation of SCMA in the next generation wireless systems. We further show that the EPA can achieve the optimal detection performance as the numbers of transmit and receive antennas grow. We also demonstrate that a rotation design in SCMA codebook is unnecessary, which is quite rather different from the general assumption


SCMA; expectation propagation; low complexity; detection; MU-MIMO

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12928/telkomnika.v16i1.7365

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