Improved Indoor Location Systems in a Controlled Environments

Selcuk Helhel, Atalay Kocakusak


The precise localization by using Wi-Fi Access Point (AP) has become a very important issue for indoor location based services such as marketing, patient follow up and so on. Present AP localization systems are working on specially designed Wi-Fi units, and their algorithms using radio signal strength (RSS) exhibit (relatively) high errors, so industry looks more precise and fast adaptable methods. A new model considering/eliminating strong RSS levels in addition to close distance error elimination algorithm (CDEEA) combined with median filters has been proposed in order to increase the performance of conventional RSS based location systems. Collecting local signal strengths by means of an ordinary WiFi units present on any laptop as a receiver is followed by the application of CDEEA to eliminate strong RSS levels. Median filter is then applied to those eliminated values, and AP based path loss model is generated, adaptivelly. Finally, the proposed algorithm predicts locations within a maximum mean error of 2.96m for 90% precision level. This achievement with an ordinary wifi units present on any commercial laptop is comparably at very good level in literature.

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