Characterization and structural analysis of RF magnetron sputtered strontium stannate thin films

Yusmar Palapa Wijaya, Khairul Anuar Mohamad, Abu Bakar Abdul Rahman, Afishah Alias, Mohammad Syahmi Nordin


This paper presents physical and morphology properties of strontium stannate (SrSnO3) perovskite-type as a candidate of an n-type material thin film for organic-inorganic hybrid diode heterojunction for optoelectronics application. Typical wet-process of SrSnO3 deposition produce thick film and having 10-8 S/cm order in conductivity. The SrSnO3 thin films were deposited on ITO glass substrates by RF magnetron sputtering using a purity 99.9% SrSnO3 target with 5.0 mTorr of gas pressure and 100 W of RF power at room temperature. The gas composition of pure argon (75%) and reactive oxygen gas (25%) was used for 60 min. XRD diffraction patterns revealed that the thin films are orthorhombic crystal structure with lattice parameter a=5.7040 Ǻ, b=8.06 Ǻ and c=5.7080 Ǻ with a strong orientation in the (002) direction. SEM images showed that films exhibited uniform surface morphology with a roughness average of Ra=2.258 nm and thickness of 311 nm. The EDX spectrum confirmed the presence of O, Sr, and Sn elements in the films with 75.22%, 8.29%, 16.49% in atomic number, respectively. The films were having a conductivity of 8.33x102 S/cm with low resistivity of 12.4x10-3W-cm.


perovskite; RF magnetron sputtering; SrSnO3; strontium stannate; thin film;

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