Proposed of the fully optical communication system for influencing of non-linear FWM phenomenon

Petr Ivaniga, Tomáš Ivaniga


This paper aims to point out the nonlinear phenomenon occurring in
C / D-WDM (Coarse / Dense Wavelength Division Multiplex) systems. This phenomenon has to be taken into account during the design of the optical network itself, as wavelengths in the optical fiber are constantly densified. The paper points out the emergence of the non-linear FWM (Four-Wave Mixing) phenomenon and how it relates to the dispersion in the optical fiber together with the transmit power. The output of the paper is a proposed design of the system that points to the improvement of the BER (Bit Error Rate) with a suitable choice of dispersion and suitable transmission power.


BER; DWDM; FWM; Q-factor


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