Integration of IoT and chatbot for aquaculture with natural language processing

M. Udin Harun Al-Rasyid, Sritrusta Sukaridhoto, Muhammad Iskandar Dzulqornain, Ahmad Rifai


The development of internet of things (IoT) technology is very fast lately. One sector that can be implemented by IoT technology is the aquaculture sector. One important factor in the success of aquaculture is a good and controlled water quality condition. But the problem for the traditional aquaculture farmers is to monitor and increase the water quality quickly and efficiently. To resolve the above-mentioned problem, this paper proposes a real-time monitoring system for aquaculture and supported with chatbot assistant to facilitate the user. This system was composed of IoT system, cloud system, and chatbot system. The proposed system consists of 7 main modules: smart sensors, smart aeration system, local network system, cloud computing system, client visualization data, chatbot system, and solar powered system. The smart aeration system consists of NodeMCU, relay, and aerator. The smart sensors consist of several sensors such as dissolved oxygen, pH, temperature, and water level sensor. Natural language processing is implemented to build the chatbot system. By combining text mining processing with naive Bayes algorithm, the result shows the very good performance with high precision and recall for each class to monitor the quality of water in aquaculture sector.


chatbot; cloud service; IoT; NLP; smart aquaculture;

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