Biometric identification using augmented database

Regina Lionnie, Ellisa Agustina, Wahju Sediono, Mudrik Alaydrus


Androgenic hair pattern is one of the newest soft biometric trait that can be used to identify criminals when their faces are covered in the evidences of criminal investigation. In real-life situation, sometimes the available evidence is limited thus creating problems for authorities to identify criminal based on the limited data. This research developed the recognition system to identify individuals based on their androgenic hair pattern in a limited data situation in such a way that the limited images were expanded by the augmentation process. There were 50 images studied and expanded into 2.000 images from the augmentation process of rotating, reflecting, adjusting color and intensity. Furthermore, the effect of human skin color extraction was investigated by employing HSV and YCbCr color spaces. The scale-space hierarchy was built among the images with Gaussian function and produced 70% recognition precision that was around more than 2 times higher compared to system of recognition with only limited data.


androgenic hair pattern; augmented data; biometric identification; hierarchical gaussian scale-space; limited training;

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