Vol 11 No 1 March 2022

This issue has been available online since 12 March 2022. All articles in this issue (11 original research articles) were authored/co-authored by 44 authors  from 15 affiliations  and 3 countries (Indonesia, Philippines, and Finland)

Table of Contents


Emotional Labor and Perceived Organizational Support as a Predictor of Restaurant Employee Satisfaction PDF
Aulia Aulia, Asma Nur Aina, Zaenal Wafa 1-12
Using Debate to Promote Students’ Reflective Understanding of Research Ethics PDF
Monica Eviandaru Madyaningrum 13-32
We are in the Same Boat: Group Therapy as a Treatment for Psychological Distress in Dating Violence Survivors PDF
Pradipta Christy Pratiwi, Fatma Kusuma Mahanani, Tri Esti Budiningsih, Julian Adrian Halim 33-55
The Association between Intimate Partner Rape and Victimisation from Intimate Partner Controlling Behaviour and Physical Aggression in a Ugandan Sample PDF
Brendah Nakyazze, Karin Osterman, Kaj Bjorkqvist 56-71
Does Online-Formed Peer Relationship Affect Academic Motivation During Online Learning? PDF
Ignasia Geralda Vania, Whisnu Yudiana, Hery Susanto 72-91
Children's Active Play during the COVID-19 Pandemic in Jakarta PDF
Irene Virta Olivianti, Agustina Hendriati 92-108
University Educator and Staff Well-being and Common Mental Health Symptoms during the COVID-19 Pandemic in the Philippines PDF
Justin Vianey M. Embalsado, John Ian Wilzon T. Dizon, Airajoy Keynn S. Medina, Lee Vergel S. Estacio, Beatriz C. Balilu, Mary Anne Joseph T. Montoya, Reymond Neal C. Cruz, Cherry Lou M. De Ala, Olga Angelinetta P. Tulabut, Roger S. Mangalus, Abigail B. Gonzales, Jonee O. Miranda, June R. De Leon 109-135
Intolerance of Uncertainty among Indonesian Workers During Covid-19 Pandemic PDF
Afinnisa Rasyida, Maria Nugraheni Mardi Rahayu, Nindya Putri Aprodita 136-153
Development of the MCDL Day's Instrument as a Personality Measurement Tool compared to the Papikostick Test Tool PDF
Muhammad Syarif Hidayatullah, Hayatun Thaibah, Aisyah Putri Maulidina, Muhammad Zidan Ramadhan 154-171
Social Support, Religiosity, and Health Literacy as Predictors of Resilience in Pregnant Women during COVID-19 Pandemic PDF
Nora Devi Irianjani, Elli Nur Hayati, Ma Teresa De Guzman 172-191
Expressive Writing Therapy through Online and Offline Media to Reduce Nomophobia Level during the Pandemic Covid-19 PDF
Arinda Ayudya Putri Riyanto, Laila Rahmania Adjani, Serly Hanan Safirah,, Anisa Fitriani 192-206