Vol 9 No 4 December 2020

This issue has been available online since 27 December 2020. All articles in this issue (10 original research articles) were authored/co-authored by 25 authors from 8 affiliations and 2 countries (Indonesia, Malaysia and Finland)

Table of Contents


Gender Role Orientation and Marriage Adjustment as Factors Affecting Gender Role Conflict of Pastors’ Husbands PDF
Karina Meriem Beru Brahmana 426t-441
Dowry-Related Aggression and Mental Health Concomitants among Educated Women in Pakistan PDF
Taalia Khan, Karin Österman, Kaj Björkqvist 442-457
How are Emotional and Physical Demands Associated with Job Dissatisfaction? Moderated by Marital Status PDF
Tirsa Elfira, Rosita Endang Kusmaryani, Yoga Setyo Wibowo 458-471
Measuring Career Well-Being on Working Mothers: Adaptation of Well-Being at Work Scale PDF
Hilwa Anwar, Fendy Suhariadi, Fajrianthi Fajrianthi 472-492
Understanding Emotional State on Female Correctional Officers in Java, Indonesia PDF
Anggun Resdasari Prasetyo, Ika Zenita Ratnaningsih, Unika Prihatsanti 493-512
Physical Activity Frequency and Mental Health in Old Age: A Bidirectional Association PDF
Juhendra Juhendra, Rita EkaIzzaty, Yoga Setyo Wibowo 513-526
Child Sex Tourism Recruitment Techniques PDF
Yahya Muhammed Bah, Myrtati Dyah Artaria 527-558
Psychological Capital Scale: A Study on the Psychometric Properties of Employees in Malaysia PDF
Seow Ling Ooh, Chua Bee Seok, Ismail Maakip 559-573
The Role of Grandmother’s Grandparenting on Family Harmony: a Phenomenological Analysis PDF
Nailul Fauziah, Suryanto Suryanto, Wiwin Hendriani 574-590
Systematic Review : Violation of Integrity from the Perspective of Psychology, Organizational Context and Community Culture PDF
Idha Rahayuningsih, Fendy Suhariadi, Fendy Suhariadi, Cholichul Hadi, Cholichul Hadi 591-626