Implementation of Personal Protective Equipment Detection Using Django and Yolo Web at Paiton Steam Power Plant (PLTU)

Khoirun Nisa', Fathorazi Nur Fajri, Zainal Arifin


Work accidents can occur at any time and unexpectedly, so work safety is associated with health because the work safety system in Indonesia is related to the K3 (Occupational Safety and Health) program. To create a safe and healthy work environment, occupational safety and health management are implemented to avoid work accidents by requiring every worker to use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). This research aims to develop an immediate detection system for violations of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in the workplace using the Yolov8 Method and the Django web-based user interface framework. Yolov8 is one of the latest deep-learning object identification models while Django is the most popular Python developer framework. The system is designed to improve workplace safety and prevent accidents by monitoring compliance with PPE requirements. The research methodology involves literature study, image data collection, preprocessing, model training, and system deployment using the Django framework. There are four classes of detection based on the bounding box according to the specified color, the use of helmets and safety vests based on the red bounding box for helmets and blue for vests while when helmets and safety vests are not being used, based on green and yellow bounding boxes. The system successfully detected four PPE classes with an average accuracy of 82.3% from 230 test data, a mAP50 value of 81.6%, a precision value of 90.3%, and a recall value of 75.1%. The findings from this study indicate that the developed system can effectively improve occupational safety and health management. However, there is a detection error factor caused by the lighting and specifications of the camera used. Future research can focus on integrating the system with other work safety systems to provide a comprehensive solution for accident prevention.


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE); Occupational Safety and Health (OSH); You Only look Once (YOLO); Django Web

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