MongoDB Based Real-Time Monitoring Heart Rate Using Websocket For Remote Healthcare

Emin Guney, Gamze Agirtas, Cuneyt Bayilmis


With the gradual development of Industry 4.0, the internet of things (IoT) concept has become an even more current and fundamental study topic. Consisting of devices and objects with communication capability, IoT is a network that uses internet infrastructure, especially for data collection, display, decision-making, control, and optimization of processes. Recently, patient tracking systems have become even more critical with Covid19 and have diversified in health for IoT topics such as biomedical device tracking and disease diagnosis. Within the scope of this study, a prototype of a patient tracking system was developed over the sensor in order to contribute to the biomedical field. We aimed to observe real-time heart rates using WebSockets to demonstrate its use in the medical field via the web application. Monitoring the heart rate using a WebSocket can help doctors make faster and better diagnoses. The current technology study instantly collected the patient's heart rhythm with the pulse sensor. The pulse data collected in real time was then transferred to a web platform with the NodeMCU ESP 8266 board. With this platform, the patient was monitoring in real-time. With the opportunities provided by the study, the doctor implemented an application monitors the instantaneous pulse of the patients.


Internet of Things (IoT);Heart rate sensor;Arduino;NodeMCU;WebSocket

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