Vol 3 No 2 September 2014

Table of Contents


Comparison of Mathematics and Humanitarian Sciences Students' Metacognitive Strategies PDF
Gholam Hossein Javanmard Javanmard 43-49
Child Abuse by Teachers and Legal Ways to Encounter in Rural Areas PDF
Mohtaram Rabbani, Masoumeh Pourrajab Shahnaz Rahpaymaelizehee, Bahare Fallahi 50-56
The Impact of Housing on Primary Student’s Welfare and Role of International Organizations to improve it PDF
Bahare Fallahi, Mohtaram Rabbani Masoumeh Pourrajab 57-64
The Impact of Income on academic staff Job Satisfaction at Public research Universities, Malaysia PDF
Aida Mehrad 65-70
Pengaruh Musik Mozart dalam Mengurangi Stres pada Mahasiswa yang Sedang Skripsi PDF
Rina Rosanty 71-78