Model Bimbingan Kelompok Berbasis Rukun Iman untuk Mencegah Kenakalan Remaja

Amelia Atika


This study was conducted based on empirical findings that indicate that the level of tendency of juvenile delinquency in grade X students SMA Negeri 10 Pontianak academic year 2016/2017 is in the low category, for that need maintenance and prevention so as not to lead to the tendency of higher delinquency. This study aims to produce a model based guidance group based on faith to prevent juvenile delinquency. The results of this study indicate that the guiding model of faith-based groups is effective to prevent juvenile delinquency. The fact of the hypothesis test shows that all indicators of juvenile delinquency tendency have decreased significantly after getting intervention of guidance group based on rukun faith. The results of data processing showed that all indicators of juvenile delinquency tendency obtained a value of significance or probability value <0.05. Thus the null hypothesis (Ho) is declared rejected so that it can be interpreted there are differences in the average tendency of juvenile delinquency before and after the intervention.


Juvenile Delinquency, The Model Guidance Pillars Of Faith-Based Groups



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