Development of a Remote Straw Mushroom Cultivation System Using IoT Technologies

Novi Azman, Muhammad Habiburrohman, Endang Retno Nugroho


Indonesia's tropical climate creates vast potential for straw mushroom cultivation. However, crop failures are frequent during the rainy season due to lower temperatures. To address this challenge, this paper presents an innovative, IoT-based system designed to remotely control and monitor temperature and humidity in mushroom cultivation sites, thereby minimizing crop failure and optimizing production. The proposed system employs a DHT11 sensor to measure temperature and humidity levels accurately. A DS3231 module is incorporated to schedule automatic watering procedures, ensuring adequate hydration for the mushrooms without manual intervention. For real-time monitoring, an ESP32-Cam is used to capture images of the mushroom cultivation site. The core of this system is a NodeMCU microcontroller, which processes environmental data and automatically adjusts the cultivation conditions. The system triggers a heater if the temperature falls below 30°C, or an exhaust fan if it exceeds 35°C. Similarly, a humidifier activates if humidity falls below 80%, and an exhaust fan turns on when humidity exceeds 90%. To provide users with instant updates, the system integrates with the Blynk application, sending notifications when these specified conditions are met. This feature allows for prompt intervention when necessary, facilitating optimal growth conditions at all times. During testing, the proposed system demonstrated its effectiveness, enabling successful straw mushroom cultivation within nine days. Furthermore, it achieved this with modest power consumption, using a total of 661.608Wh. This system offers a promising solution to improve straw mushroom farming in regions with similar climates to Indonesia.


Straw mushroom cultivation; IoT-based system; Temperature and humidity control; NodeMCU microcontroller; Automated watering

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