Volume 18 (1) February 2021

Table of Contents


Determinant factors of partisans' confirmation bias in social media PDF
Rahkman Ardi, Adismara Putri Pradiri 1-13
The manifestations of digital literacy in social media among Indonesian youth PDF
Acintya Ratna Priwati, Avin Fadilla Helmi 14-23
Anxiety from receiving news about covid-19: The role of character strength PDF
Junaidin Junaidin, Nurulsani S. Abd Latif, Amalia S.J Kahar 24-31
Which is the most appropriate parenting style for the adolescents' self-esteem among Acehnese people? PDF
Izzatur Rusuli 32-44
Work stress in aircraft maintenance technicians: The role of work-life balance PDF
Cucunda Resi Anggarini, Indrayanti Indrayanti 45-54
Past and present: Improving early childhood visual spatial abilities through traditional game cengkling PDF
Nofrans Eka Saputra, Yun Nina Ekawati 55-64
Marital readiness: Exploring the key factors among university students PDF
Danik Nur Fitria Ningrum, Melly Latifah, Diah Krisnatuti 65-74

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Front Matter (Cover, Editorial Board, Table of Content) PDF

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