Journal History


  1. [January, 2014] Physics Education Department establish the journal, JRKPF
  2. [March, 2014] JRKPF propound printed ISSN number to PDII LIPI
  3. [April, 2014] JRKPF obtained ISSN number 2355-620X from PDII LIPI
  4. [April, 30, 2014] JRKPF first published (Vol 1 No. 1) online version with a total of eight articles covering physics and physics education
  5. [October, 2014]JRKPF  indexed by Google Scholar


  1. [May, 2016] submit to DOAJ, international indexed
  2. [July, 2017] indexed by Science and Technology Index (SINTA), the national index


  1. [February, 2017] indexed by DOAJ, the international indexed


  1. [April, 2018] The entire article in JRKPF had DOI with the prefix number 10.12928 and already had Universitas Ahmad Dahlan as the publisher
  1. [April, 2019] Vol. 6 No. 1 using a new template, changing the font type in the body of the text (to Times New Roman) and writing the name of the author
  2. [July, 2019] Vol. 6 No. 2 using a new template, changing header and NEW structure of the paper
  3. Due to the maintaining system of journal management, jrkpf volume 6 issue 2 will be only published in 5 papers.