Validation of Varian Clinac iX Model on 6 MV Photon Beam Using Fast Monte Carlo Simulation

Josua Timotius Manik, Anisza Okselia, Daniel Gibbor Gaspersz, Freddy Haryanto


Monte Carlo (MC) is widely recognized as the most accurate method for dosimetry analysis in radiotherapy due to its precision. However, successful MC dose calculation hinges upon the validation of the linac model employed in simulations. This study aims to verify the PRIMO model of the Varian Clinac iX and to determine the optimal initial electron energy. The comparison of one-dimensional dose distribution between simulations and measurements serves as the foundation for assessment. The Varian Clinac iX on 6 MV photon beam was meticulously modeled with the initial electron energies spanned from 5.2 to 5.8 MeV in increments of 0.2 MeV. The dose calculation were performed for a field size of 10 cm × 10 cm and a source-to-surface distance (SSD) of 100 cm. The Dose Planning Method (DPM) was adopted as the simulation engine for expedited MC simulation. A number of particle histories–approximately 4.0 × 108–were simulated, resulting in the generation of around 109 particles from the linac head. The investigation revealed that an initial electron energy of 5.8 MeV achieves good agreement with measurement by attaining the smallest difference in percentage depth dose (PDD) of about 0.98%. The lateral dose deviation of approximately 4.63% serves to validate the precision of the secondary collimator design. Additionally, a comparative analysis of DPM and PENELOPE for dose calculation was conducted. In contrast to the PENELOPE, the DPM speeds up simulation time by approximately 3.5 times, reduced statistical uncertainties to 0.59% and afford better accuracy in dose calculation. The result underscore the suitability of the PRIMO model for MC simulation for dose calculation, given its robust agreement with the measurements.


Monte Carlo; PDD; Dose profile; DPM; PENELOPE

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