IJEME, Vol. 4 No. 1, March 2020

his issue (IJEME Volume 4 Issue 1 the Year 2020) has been available online since March 30, 2020, for the regular issue of March 2020. All articles in this issue consist of 5 original research articles.

Table of Contents


Development of Multiplication and Division Concept Learning Media to Increase Student’s Problem Solving Skill and Learning Interest PDF
Danuri Danuri, Taufik Muhtarom, Wahyu Wulandari, Padrul Jana 1-10
Emergence of Contrast of Cognitive-Valuing Features of Mathematics Across Global Classrooms PDF
Joshua Edson Gorme Ordiz 11-22
Improvement Of Students' Mathematical Problem Solving Skills With The REACT Model PDF
Fitri Alyani, Ishaq Nuriadin, Nidia Afilah 23-30
Analysis of Student Errors in Learning Circle Based on the Watson Error Category PDF
Ni Nyoman Riantini W., I Nengah Suparta, I Gusti Putu Sudiarta 31-42
MURDER Cooperative Learning Model through Edmodo Toward Mathematics Problem Solving and Motivation of Students PDF
Putu Resya Adi Saputra, Sariyasa Sariyasa, I Nengah Suparta 43-52