Perbedaan Keefektifan Adlerian Group Play Counseling dan Layanan Bimbingan Klasikal dalam Meningkatkan Daya Tarik Interpersonal

Fajar Bilqis, Ipah Saripah, Agus Taufiq


The study aimed to generate empirical data on the difference in effectiveness between Adlerian Group Play Counseling (AGPC) interventions and Classical Guidance Services in enhancing interpersonal attractiveness based on social relations profiles. Research using Experimental Factorial Designs. The sample of this research is all students of grade V of Elementary School Sukasenang & Elementary School of Cihaurgeulis. The research instrument is an interpersonal and sociometric attraction questionnaire. The results show that Adlerian Group Play Counseling interventions are more effective at increasing all categories of interpersonal attractiveness than the Classical Guidance Service. Based on the analysis using two-way ANOVA test, it can be concluded that there is a difference of power level of interpersonal attraction after intervention (F = 21,322, p = 0,000) but not influenced by social relation (F = 1.56, p = 0.208). Research recommendations addressed to counselors, subject teachers, and other researchers


adlerian group play counseling, interpersonal attraction, classical guidance



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