Vol 5, No 2 (2019)


The author's countries are coming from INDONESIA.

Table of Contents


Identification of Bacterial Leaf Blight and Brown Spot Disease in Rice Plants with Image Processing Approach PDF
Ihsanuddin Ihsan, Eka Wahyu Hidayat, Alam Rahmatulloh 59-67
Mobile Forensics for Cyberbullying Detection using Term Frequency - Inverse Document Frequency (TF-IDF) PDF
Imam Riadi, Sunardi Sunardi, Panggah Widiandana 68-76
Machine Vision-based Obstacle Avoidance for Mobile Robot PDF
Nuryono Satya Widodo, Anggit Pamungkas 77-84
Text Classification Using Long Short-Term Memory With GloVe Features PDF
Winda Kurnia Sari, Dian Palupi Rini, Reza Firsandaya Malik 85-100
Prototype of Smart Lock Based on Internet Of Things (IOT) With ESP8266 PDF
Firza Fadlullah Asman, Endi Permata, Mohammad Fatkhurrokhman 101-111
The Combination of Naive Bayes and Particle Swarm Optimization Methods of Student’s Graduation Prediction PDF
Evi Purnamasari, Dian Palupi Rini, Sukemi Sukemi 112-119