Optimization of Machine Learning Models with Segmentation to Determine the Pose of Cattle

Amril Mutoi Siregar, Sony Hartono Wijaya, Ahmad Fauzi, Tjong Wan Sen, Sutan Faisal, Tukino Tukino, Yana Cahyana


Image pattern recognition poses numerous challenges, particularly in feature recognition, making it a complex problem for machine learning algorithms. This study focuses on the problem of cow pose detection, involving the classification of cow images into categories like front, right, left, and others. With the increasing popularity of image-based applications, such as object recognition in smartphone technologies, there is a growing need for accurate and efficient classification algorithms based on shape and color. In this paper, we propose a machine learning approach utilizing Support Vector Machine (SVM) and Random Forest (RF) algorithms for cow pose detection. To achieve an optimal model, we employ data augmentation techniques, including Gaussian blur, brightness adjustments, and segmentation. The proposed segmentation methods used are Canny and Kmeans. We compare several machine learning algorithms to identify the optimal approach in terms of accuracy. The success of our method is measured by accuracy and Receiver Operating Characteristic (ROC) analysis. The results indicate that using the Canny segmentation, SVM achieved 74.31% accuracy with a testing ratio of 90:10, while RF achieved 99.60% accuracy with the same testing ratio. Furthermore, testing with SVM and K-means segmentation reached an accuracy of 98.61% with a test ratio of 80:20. The study demonstrates the effectiveness of SVM and Random Forest algorithms in cow pose detection, with Kmeans segmentation yielding highly accurate results. These findings hold promising implications for real-world applications in image-based recognition systems. Based on the results of the model obtained, it is very important in pattern recognition to use segmentation based on color even though shape recognition.


Augmentations; Cattle; Machine Learning; Random Forest; Segmentation; Support Vector Machine

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.26555/jiteki.v9i3.26750


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