Cat Feeding Using Microcontroller Arduino Uno TCS3200 Sensor and Internet of Things

Handava Wardana, Irma Salamah, Ahmad Taqwa


Petting animals is one way for humans to reduce stress levels and entertain themselves. When coming home from work, a person needs entertainment at home, namely by keeping cute animals; one of the attractive and widely kept pets is a cat. The presence of cats in the house can help restore mood or feelings, and animals that like to be invited to play. For that, the owner must love his own pet without reducing affection for his pet; a cat's diet must be maintained even though the owner is busy working, especially outside the city, because cats need a good diet. Therefore, the purpose of doing this research is to facilitate cat owners in feeding while doing other activities outside the home. In addition, previous research still cannot feed the cat automatically but can monitor the state of cat activity. This tool uses several sensors, namely the RTCDS3231 sensor, TCS3200, Load Cell, HX711, ESP32CAM. The results obtained are Cat Feeding Using Arduino Uno Microcontroller TCS3200 Sensor, and Internet of Things is a tool system that can notify that the feed has run out, can feed the cat automatically, and can find out the activity of the cat by using the sensor. Several pet shop parties strongly agree that this tool is very helpful, namely to reduce the worry of the owner in feeding the cat.



Cat; TCS32; Load Cell; Arduino Uno; RTCDS3231; Telegram

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