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Battery Insulation Performance Analysis in Electric Vehicles for the Improvement of Battery Lifetime

Lora Khaula Amifia, Nuansa Dipa Bismoko, Philip Tobianto Daely


The battery is the main component both as an energy provider and as an interface for several systems in an electric vehicle. It has three important parameters: current, voltage, and temperature that must be maintained as the battery can have a harmful reaction that can lead to overcurrent. The battery must also not overcharging or discharging for too long because it can cause damage and affect its lifetime. Another error that can arise is sensor failure due to the interference or noise that can cause an error in data reading. To prevent this problem, it needs protection by means of isolation in operating the battery. In this research, planning in optimizing battery work was conducted by designing the process of detection and isolation of faults that occurred in batteries, particularly lithium polymer battery to reach their more optimal and good performance. Battery modeling was needed as the parameter identification, and the Kalman Filter algorithm was applied to help to reduce the detection rate and fault isolation. The results of detection and isolation of overcurrent and sensor failure using Kalman Filter were found quite accurate. In overcurrent isolation, a discharge current of 6A was obtained from the maximum current limit of 10 A, and for sensor failure isolation, the Kalman Filter algorithm succeeded in improving the results of the previous reading.


Lithium Polymer Battery; Fault Detection; Fault Isolation; Battery Modelling.

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