Vol 3, No 1 (2016): Ahmad Dahlan Journal of English Studies

Ahmad Dahlan Journal of English Studies (ADJES, e-ISSN: 9772477-287000) is committed to exploring and highlighting issues in the broad areas of English Teaching, Literature and Linguistics. The editorial board welcomes submissions that provide insights into key issues dealing with the English Language studies within the framework of contemporary linguistics included (but not limited) to: Translation Studies, English Language Teaching, Linguistics, Languages and Linguistics, Discourse Analysis, Critical Discourse Analysis, Translation Studies, Translation theory, Translation Theory, Methods and Practice, Translation and Language Learning, Application of Linguistic Theory to Translation., Teaching English as a Second Language, Teaching English As A Foreign Language, Applied Linguistics, Language Testing, Teaching and Learning, Translation and Interpretation, Phonetics, Pragmatics, Pragmatics, Philosophy of Language and communication, Second Language Acquisition, English Literature, Literary Theory, CALL, Computer Assisted Language Learning, Learning and Teaching, Teacher Education, Research Methodology, Educational Research, Linguistics, Research and Publications, Electronic Journal, Open Journal, Translation, English Grammar, Cognitive Linguistics, Sociolinguistics, Arabic-English translation, Research Writing, ESP, Morphology, Syntax, Semantics, TESOL, Phonology, Conceptual Metaphor, Terminology, Contrastive Analysis, Bilingualism, Code Switching, ELT, CLIL, Corpus Linguistics, ICT, English language teaching, and English language by providing a publication avenue for new and insightful multidisciplinary works.