Detection of immovable objects on visually impaired people walking aids

Abdurrasyid Abdurrasyid, Indrianto Indrianto, Rakhmat Arianto


One consequence of a visually impaired (blind) person is a lack of ability in the activities related to the orientation and mobility. Blind person uses a stick as a tool to know the objects that surround him/her.The objective of this research is to develop a tool for blind person which is able to recognize what object in front of him/her when he/she is walking. An attached camera will obtain an image of an object which is then processed using template matching method to identify and trace the image of the object. After getting the image of the object, furthermore calculate and compare it with the data training. The output is produced in the form of sound that in accordance with the object. The result of this research is that the best slope and distance for the template matching method to properly detect silent objects is 90 degrees and 2 meters.


image processing; object detection; template matching; visual impairment; walking aids;

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