Classification of breast cancer grades using physical parameters and K-nearest neighbor method

Anak Agung Ngurah Gunawan, S. Poniman, I. Wayan Supardi


Breast cancer is a health problem in the world. To overcome this problem requires early detection of breast cancer. The purpose of this study is to classify early breast cancer grades. Combination of physical parameters with k-nearest neighbor Method is proposed to detect early breast cancer grades. The experiments were performed on 87 mammograms consisting of 12 mammograms of grade 1,41 mammograms of grade 2 and 34 mammogram of grade 3. The proposed method was effective to classify the grades of breast cancer by an accuracy of 64.36%, 50% sensitivity and 73,5% specitifity. Physical parameters can be used to classify grades of breast cancer. The results of this study can be used to complement the diagnosis of breast mammography examination.


breast cancer; grade; K-nearest neighbor;

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