Radial Derivative and Radial Inversion for Interpreting 4D Gravity Anomaly Due to Fluids Injection Around Reservoir

Muhammad Zuhdi, Sismanto Sismanto, Ari Setiawan, Jarot Setyowiyoto, Adi Susilo, Muhammad Sarkowi


The 4D gravity or time lapse gravity has been used many reseracher to identify fluid injection in oil reservoir. The objective of this study is to find the better way in interpreting 4D gravity anomaly due to fluid injection around the reservoir. Radial Derivatives are derivative values of gravity anomalies against horizontal distances in the radial direction. Radial inversion is a two-dimensional inversion of lines with radial directions resulting in a 3-dimension model. Time lapse microgravity research have been performed in “X Oil Field” with amount of 604 data point covering area of 4000m x 5000m. This Radial derivative and Radial inversion have been aplied at an injection well of the X oil field. The yield show that 4D gravity anomaly value due to injection is 0.02 mGal to 0.36 mGal. Radial derivative value in the area is 0 micro Gal/cm to 0,012 mGal/meter. Radial inversion shows radius of fluid front movement is 304 meters to 1120 meters. Radial derivative and Radial inversion have been proven fairly good to identify injected fluid movement in the reservoir.


4D gravity; derivative; inversion; radial; reservoir

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12928/telkomnika.v16i6.9468

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