Performance Evaluation of DV-HOP and Amorphous Algorithms based on Localization Schemes in Wireless Sensor Networks

Doan Perdana, Adi Nugroho, Favian Dewanta


In the field of high-risk observation, the nodes in Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) are distributed randomly. The result from sensing becomes meaningless if it is not known from where the originating node is. Therefore, a sensor node positioning scheme, known as the localization scheme, is required. The localization scheme consists of distance estimation and position computing. Thus, this research used connectivity as distance estimation within range free algorithm DV-Hop and Amorphous, and then trilateral algorithm for computing the position. Besides that, distance estimation using the connectivity between nodes is not needed for the additional hardware ranging as required by a range-based localization scheme. In this research compared the localization algorithm based on range free localization, which are DV-Hop algorithm and Amorphous algorithm. The simulation result shows that the amorphous algorithm have achieved 13.60% and 24.538% lower than dv-hop algorithm for each parameter error localization and energy consumption. On node density variations, dv-hop algorithm gained a localization error that is 26.95% lower than amorphous algorithm, but for energy consumption parameter, amorphous gained 14.227% lower than dv-hop algorithm. In the communication range variation scenario, dv-hop algorithm gained a localization error that is50.282% lower than amorphous. However, for energy consumption parameter, amorphous algorithm gained 12.35%. lower than dv-hop algorithm.


WSN; DV-HOP algorithm; amorphous algorithm; localization error; trilateral; energy consumption;

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