Multi-class K-support Vector Nearest Neighbor for Mango Leaf Classification

Eko Prasetyo, R. Dimas Adityo, Nanik Suciati, Chastine Fatichah


K-Support Vector Nearest Neighbor (K-SVNN) is one of methods for training data reduction that works only for binary class. This method uses Left Value (LV) and Right Value (RV) to calculate Significant Degree (SD) property. This research aims to modify the K-SVNN for multi-class training data reduction problem by using entropy for calculating SD property. Entropy can measure the impurity of data class distribution, so the selection of the SD can be conducted based on the high entropy. In order to measure performance of the modified K-SVNN in mango leaf classification, experiment is conducted by using multi-class Support Vector Machine (SVM) method on training data with and without reduction. The experiment is performed on 300 mango leaf images, each image represented by 260 features consisting of 256 Weighted Rotation- and Scale-invariant Local Binary Pattern features with average weights (WRSI-LBP-avg) texture features, 2 color features, and 2 shape features. The experiment results show that the highest accuracy for data with and without reduction are 71.33% and 71.00% respectively. It is concluded that K-SVNN can be used to reduce data in multi-class classification problem while preserve the accuracy. In addition, performance of the modified K-SVNN is also compared with two other methods of multi-class data reduction, i.e. Condensed Nearest Neighbor Rule (CNN) and Template Reduction KNN (TRKNN). The performance comparison shows that the modified K-SVNN achieves better accuracy.


support vector machine, k-support vector nearest neighbor, data reduction, mango leaves, entropy

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