Smart Garage Implementation and Design Using Whatsapp Communication Media

Rendy Munadi, Arief Rakhman, Doan Perdana


WhatsApp is a social networking app that serves as a communication medium. According to the Online Audience Measurement Standards named comScore, in 2017, WhatsApp application users in Indonesia amounted to 35.8 million people. As the most popular mobile application with the most users in the country, in this research the authors chose Whatsapp as a communication medium that will be integrated into one application of Internet of Things (IoT), that is Smart Garage. Smart Garage is a combination of information technology and computing technology that is applied to a house by relying on efficiency and device automation. The results of this research shows that it is better to use mobile data networks than using the wireless networks. The maximum delay when using mobile data is 7.5 s and 7.7 s when using wireless networks. The research using WhatsApp application still rare especially in the field of IoT.


whatsApp; Iot; smart garage;

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