Harmonic Impact in Induction Generator Voltage Using Thyristor Control Reactor

Suprihardi Suprihardi, Yaman Yaman, Zamzami Zamzami, Nelly Safitri


As commonly known that the load fluctuations that have been performed on an induction motor operated as an induction generator (IG) triggers unstable induced voltage and frequency. As the result, the load that receiving the power quality is not running properly and the efficiency is low. The problems that have been mitigated in this research in such way is the stability of the voltage that generated by IG due to fluctuating loading, and the harmonics can be damped by single tuned due to the work of thyristors and non-linear loads. The used method is the Ziegler-Nichols method by measuring and testing the design of prototype to get the best performance in stabilizing the voltage by using thyristor control reactor (TCR). The results showed that the induced generator with single tuned filter and TCR to nonlinear load variation at 1618 RPM is maintained stably for the voltage and frequency. Although, 3rd order harmonics of voltage and current that has been tuned can be damped by using THDI 8.36%. Furthermore, it can be said that the response that generated by voltage control system using proportional integral (PI) control in 1kW-4 poles three-phase IG with additional and reductional load generated a stable response.


load fluctuations; induction geneyrator; ziegler-nichols; TCR; voltage control system;

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12928/telkomnika.v16i3.7788


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