Analyzing the sea weather effects to the ship maneuvering in Viet Nam’sea from BinhThuan province to Ca Mau province based on Fuzzy control method

Kien Xuan Dang


Vietnam is located in the tropical monsoon climate, so there are many storms affecting the marine environment each year. However, Vietnam sea also has distinct characteristics due to the continental shelf factors, salinity, sea currents and viscosity water. In this paper, the sea weather effects to the ship in the sea area from BinhThuan province to Ca Mau province are analyzed. Among the main external factors affecting safety moving of ship are the wave, wind and current. Importantly, the survey parameters have been built from the actual operating environment. In addition, maintaining the stability of dynamic positioning system in Vietnam weather conditions is the main point of this study.


Actual operating environment, Dynamic positioning system, sea currents, tropical monsoon climate, weather conditions.


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