A Novel Configuration of a Microstrip Microwave Wideband Power Amplifier for Wireless Application

amine rachakh, Larbi EL ABDELLAOUI, Jamal ZBITOU, Ahmed Errkik, Abdelali Tajmouati, Mohamed Latrach


RF/microwave power amplifier (PA) is one of the components that has a large effect on the overall performance of communication system especially in transmitter system and their design is decided by the parameters of transistor selected. This letter presents a new concept of a wide-band microwave amplifier using scattering parameters that is often used in the radio frequency communication system. This power amplifier operates from 1.75 GHz to 2.15GHz frequency and it is based on AT-41410 NPN transistor that has a high transition frequency of 10GHz. The proposed Single Stage PA is designed by microstrip technology and simulated with Advanced Design System (ADS) software. The simulation results indicate good performances; the small power gain (S21) is changed between 11.8 and 10dB. For the input reflection coefficient (S11) is varied between -11 and -22.5dB. Regarding the output reflection coefficient (S22) is varied between -13.1 and -18.7dB over the wide frequency band of 1.75-2.15GHz and stability without oscillating over a wide range of frequencies.


Wideband Power Amplifier; Microstrip Technology ; Input matching ; Output matching ; Bipolar Junction Transistors (BJTs) ; Advanced Design System (ADS).

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12928/telkomnika.v16i1.7369


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