Techno-Economic Analysis of Solar-Powered Lighting for above Seawater Toll-Road in Bali

N.M. Karmiathi, I.N.S. Kumara, W.G. Ariastina, I.W. Gunarta


The objective of this study was to obtain engineering and economical analysis of Solar-Powered Lighting (SPL) designed to be installed at Bali Mandara above Seawater Toll-Road. Bali Mandara toll-road is developed to provide quick link of the triangle traffic congestion in Bali. The triangle points are City of Denpasar, international Ngurah Rai air port, and Nusa Dua as the center of Bali tourism area. The SPL was designed to operate 12-hours per day with an average illumination of greater than 15-lux. Based on conducted technical analysis, the requirements can be met by utilizing two pieces of 87 W LED lamps mounted on 10-meter tall double-arms pole with 2.366-meter arm length and with 15º tilt angle. Each lamp was supplied by 260 Wp solar module, 24 V 180 AH battery and 10 A solar charger controller. The SPL unit to be installed on the road median with 22.5-meter pole spacing and hence requires a total of 361 units. The benefits of solar-powered lighting were non-renewable electrical energy saving of 256.15 MWh per year and carbon emission reduction 217.98 Tonnes CO2 equivalent per year. However, the SPL energy cost was 3.9 times higher than curent street lighting electricity tariff which generated using conventional resources. And according to investment feasibility using Net Present Value and Profitability Index techniques show that the SPL implementation was not feasible.


renewable energy, techno-economic analysis, solar road lighting, street lighting, net prsent value, profitability indexI


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