Borax and Formaldehyde Detector Using Backpropagation Based on ATMEGA2560

M Safrul, Heru Sukoco, Mohamad Rafi


The use of borax and formaldehyde as the preservative and chewy maker substance in meat processed food such as meatball is increased even though the two chemicals are not allowing in the food. Meatball is one of the most popular foods in Indonesia because of its taste, easy serving and cheap. Meatball which contains borax and formaldehyde is hard to identify, but it can be seen physically using color and gas sensor. This research used Artificial Neural Network (ANN) Backpropagation by statistics method on ATMEGA2560 to process the sensor data and become the information of borax and formaldehyde content. In this case, TCS3200 color sensor is used for detecting borax and MQ and TGSgas sensor in E-Noseis used for detecting formaldehyde. The successful detection of borax and formaldehyde content was strongly influenced by the ingredients of the meatball composition. The developed tool is used for testing the sample of meatball taken from several locations in Bogor to detect borax and formaldehyde and resulted in 73% and 76.5% accuracy respectively.


ATMEGA2560; Backpropagation; meatball; borax; formaldehyde;



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