Miniaturized Minkowski-Island Fractal Microstrip Antenna Fed by Proximity Coupling for Wireless Fidelity Application

I Putu Elba Duta Nugraha, Indra Surjati, Syah Alam


This paper proposed a new design of Minkowski Island microstrip antenna fed by proximity coupling with partial ground plane. The design are consists of two layers of substrate, on the top substrate is the antenna patch and on the bottom substrate is the proximity feed line and the partial ground. Using the Minkowski Island fractal technique, the dimension of the patch can be reduced up to 58.7%. While the proximity feed line in this design are used to increase the impedance bandwidth and from the measurement the impedance bandwidth of the proposed antenna is 240 MHz with return loss of -24.54 dB and VSWR of 1.126.


Minkowski Island; fractal; proximity feed; microstrip antenna; Wi-Fi

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