Comparison Method of Secret Splitting, Secret Sharing and Recursive Threshold Visual Cryptography for Security Image Handwriting

Sugianto Sugianto, Suharjito Suharjito, Nico Surantha


Secret Sharing Protocol is a method used for sharing or splitting a secret to 2 (two) receivers or many, so those splitted secret (shares) can’t be recognized by the receivers, unless they exchange their shares to each other and then reconstruct the secret.  This research is aimed to analyze secret sharing Asmuth-Bloom, secret splitting dan visual cryptography protocol. Although the attackers get shadow shares at the time of the share exchange, the parties should merge the shares of the shadow. it would be impossible for the attacker to know the correct share, despite having adequate computer resources. In this study also, the problem is to analyze the results of comparison three methods: Splitting Secret, Secret Sharing and Recursive Threshold Visual Cryptography for Security Citra Handwriting. Whether the results of these three methods there is a difference or not by comparing these three methods with the methods MSE (Mean Square Error). Terms of comparison of MSE on these three methods have the same result. But the security of these three methods different.


secret sharing, splitting, visual cryptography, handwritting



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