Planning Saving Energy with Cogeneration System

Imam Abdul Rozaq, Noor Setyaningsih, Budi Gunawan


From the analysis that the assumption in the initial conditions have to pay the cost of electricity and heat at IDR 95,978,664.00 while using cogeneration only pay Rp 774.499.669,00 per year. So the total savings of IDR 185,284,995.00 , per year. Excess generated electricity sales amounted to 103.680 kW (IDR 101,088,000.00), excess heat sales amounted to 4.075 TJ / year (IDR 255,085,220.00), and greenhouse gas emissions trading at 130.88 tonCO2  (IDR10,470,800.00) which can be assumed to be like a tree planted by 29 acres of trees. After calculating the Analysis of Capital Budgeting NPV (Net Present Value) of IDR 107,058,448.00 and IRR (Internal Rate of Return) of 12,75 %and PBP (Payback Period) 5,18 years so that project implementation cogeneration system using the Capstone Microturbine C-30 deserves because NPV is greater than zero and the IRR is greater than bank interest rates and the resulting PBP was 5,18 years.


Planning; Saving Energy; Cogeneration



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