Critical Condition in CuInAlSe2 Growth of Solar Cell Absorber

Sujarwata Sujarwata, Fianti Fianti, J.Y. Jung, S.H. Lee, K.H. Kim, M.I. Amal


CuInAlSe2 (CIAS) thin films were prepared using pulsed laser deposition (PLD) and selenization. The PLD process utilized a certain kind of stacking order to deposit elemental films on glass substrates, layer by layer, for precursor preparation. They were designed to be Al- and Cu-deficient and selenized using two different heat treatment steps. According to its precursor compositional ratio, stacking order, and heat treatment, each CIAS film showed different properties and a critical condition. The crystalline phases, compositional ratio, morphology, and optical-electrical properties of the CIAS films are discussed here. 




CIAS, Cu-deficient, PLD, thin film

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