Gamelan Music Onset Detection based on Spectral Features

Diah P. Wulandari, Aris Tjahyanto, Yoyon K. Suprapto


This research detects onsets of percussive instruments by examining the performance on the sound signals of gamelan instruments as one of  traditional music instruments in Indonesia. Onset plays important role in determining musical rythmic structure, like beat, tempo, measure, and is highly required in many applications of music information retrieval. Four onset detection methods that employ spectral features, such as magnitude, phase, and the combination of both are compared in this paper. They are phase slope (PS), weighted phase deviation (WPD), spectral flux (SF), and rectified complex domain (RCD). Features are extracted by representing the sound signals into time-frequency domain using overlapped Short-time Fourier Transform (STFT) and by varying the window length. Onset detection functions are processed through peak-picking using dynamic threshold. The results showed that by using suitable window length and parameter setting of dynamic threshold, F-measure which is greater than 0.80 can be obtained for certain methods.

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