An optimized power allocation algorithm for cognitive radio NOMA communication

Madan H. T., P. I. Basarkod


The primary objective of cognitive radio network is to effectively utilize the unused spectrum bands. In cognitive radio networks, spectrum sharing between primary and secondary users is accomplished using either underlay or interweave cognitive radio approach. Non orthogonal multiple access (NOMA) is the proven technology in the present wireless developments, which allows the coexistence of multiple users in the same orthogonal block. The new paradigm cognitive radio NOMA (CR-NOMA) is one of the potential solutions to fulfill the demands of future wireless communication. This paper emphasizes on practical implementation of NOMA in cognitive radio networks to enhance the spectral efficiency. The goal is to increase the throughput of the secondary users satisfying the quality of service (QOS) requirements of primary users. To achieve this, we have presented the optimized power allocation strategy for underlay downlink scenario to support the simultaneous transmission of primary and secondary users. Furthermore, we have proposed QOS based power allocation scheme for CR-NOMA interweave model to support the coexistence of multiple secondary networks. Also, the changes adopted in implementing superposition coding (SC) and successive interference cancellation (SIC) for CR-NOMA are highlighted. Finally, simulation results validate the mathematical expressions that are derived for power allocation coefficient and outage probability.


cognitive radio; interweave sharing; NOMA; successive-interference cancellation; superposition-coding; underlay sharing;

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