Blocking performance of extended pruned vertically stacked optical banyan structure under different link failure conditions

Sabrina Alam, Fahmida Sharmin Jui


The blocking performance of Extended Pruned Vertically Stacked Optical Banyan networks under different link failure conditions has been analyzed in this paper. We applied plane fixed routing with linear search and plane fixed routing with random search algorithm to route the optical data through the network in our simulation. Our simulation results show that adding one or two extra planes to the pruned VSOB network reduces the blocking probability significantly. Beyond two extra planes, the decrease of blocking probability is not so significant. A close approximation of the minimum number of planes required to make the Extended Pruned Vertically Stacked Optical Banyan networks nonblocking has been presented.


blocking probability; EP-VSOB; PFR_LS algorithm; PFR_RS algorithm; VSOB;


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