Customized sorting and packaging machine

Ashish Bhatnagar, Rachit Patel, Manan Gupta, Mayank Pal, Lakshay Kumar


India is a country which has a cornerstone of agriculture. And as it comes to fruit/vegetable sorting and packaging in India, human labor has been a vital part. With manual hand picking, it is a very laborious task to classify the quality of fruits/vegetables and simultaneously pack them. One leading-edge technology for the fulfilment of this purpose is ‘Image Processing’ technology which is extremely fast and cost-efficient. Our whole idea revolves around the fact that each fruit will be inspected, sort and simultaneously packed. For the same, a low cost automated mechatronic system has designed consisting of a solitary mechanical arrangement, which is controlled and synchronized through electronic components. Fruits/vegetables are sorted as high-quality and low-quality on the basis of physical appearance and weight. For this, a suitable algorithm is designed using the Open CV library. And the sorting is done using Arduino Uno and Raspberry pi. Hence the aim is to develop a sorting and packaging facility that can be established at the very root level itself which will be economically compact and accurate and will give more justice to farmers.


Arduino UNO; image processing; mechatronic; system; open CV; packaging; machine; sorting system;

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