Improved Anti- Noise Attack Ability of Image Encryption Algorithm Using De-noising Technique

Mohanad Najm Abdulwahed, Ali Kamil Ahmed


Information security is considered as one of the important issues in the information age used to preserve the secret information throughout transmissions in practical applications. With regard to image encryption, a lot of schemes related to information security were applied. Such approaches might be categorized into 2 domains; domain frequency and domain spatial. The presented work develops an encryption technique on the basis of conventional watermarking system with the use of SVD, DCT, and DWT together, the suggested DWT-DCT-SVD method has high robustness in comparison to the other conventional approaches and enhanced approach for having high robustness against Gaussian noise attacks with using denoising approach according to DWT. MSE in addition to the PSNR specified the performance measures which are the base of this study’s results, as they are showing that the algorithm utilized in this study has high robustness against Gaussian noise attacks.


Image processing; DCT; DWT; SVD; Gaussian noise; Image encryption;


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